Tuesday, March 31, 2009


After a weekend of unplugging myself from my tech lifelines, I'm trying to catch up with my life again. It was a much needed and enjoyed break, but I always feel like I'm behind once I plug back in! So much has happened in the last few days...this is probably going to be a very fragmented post.

~ My hubby rocks! I really don't know what I would do without him. All the reasons he rocks will be peppered throughout this post...but I'll start with Saturday. He called my sister, without me knowing, and set up for her to have a sleepover with Miss O. Saturday night. He then called up some friends, and by the time he came home from work, he had a whole evening planned for me.

~ Saturday night was very nice. We crossed the state line, and headed to a racino south of us. I've never watched horse racing in person, just on TV. We ate dinner overlooking the racetrack, and even placed a few bets. Good food, good drinks, good company, all led to a really good time!

~ Sunday was my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

~ I spent my birthday doing to things that I love. First, we trekked to IK.EA, where I got my semi-annual fix. Secondly, we met my best friend from college and her husband for an awesome meal of Thai. Mmmm. That is the one kind of food that I can't get where I live. An hour drive each way was totally worth it.

~ My birthday present? A Cricut! I'm an avid scrapbooker and SO excited that I actually have one! It's the only present I received, as M and my sister went in together on it, but I don't care. Yay!

~ Monday was a pretty crappy day. I woke up with a head cold. Thank you, oppressed immune system! Had my blood drawn for another hCG count, and it was up, again. Argh! Are you kidding? Monday's numbers? 323.

~ M went out Monday night, and brought me home brownies. Not just any brownie but the gourmet variety. One was a cookies & cream, one peanut butter cup, and one carmel turtle. Considering I didn't have any birthday cake, I enjoyed a piece of all three!

How was your weekend?


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I spent the weekend with a sick little boy (more stomach virus fun). lol

  2. Happy birthday! I love Thai food, too, and would drive very long distances if I had to for it. I am so glad your hubby rocks so much!

    What is up with that Beta? Is that a common thing?

    The brownies sound awesome, too! Yay husband!

    I spent the weekend laying and trying not to hurt my giant abdomen and having paracentesis done to drain it out. And it is full again. Super fun!

    Hugs (and hang in there... been thinking of you constantly.)

  3. Happy Birthday! I am glad your husband Rocks!

  4. What a wonderful surprise from DH! And is that normal for HCG to go up? Please keep us posted!

  5. Sounds like an amazing weekend I am so happy for you, You needed that!

  6. good word the HCG. hello little body stop the drama, mmmmmmkaaaaayyyy?
    i sawe that you are running again. i was so inspired by your couch to 5k that i have started-it's been two weeks-and i am loving. i am planning on a 5k in 8 weeks. so thanks.
    take care.
    oh, happy belated bday.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! And the Cricut was a great gift idea - very, very cool.

  8. Happy Birthday! Thai food - love it! Scrapbooking - I miss it (had to leave behind all my stuff when we came overseas). Gourmet brownies? Awesome, hubby!!