Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am by NO means a perfect speller, thank goodness for spellcheck, or do I never make mistakes when it comes to grammar. But my job requires me to write, a LOT, and often in a very conversational form.

Yesterday, I fought with a co-worker for over 20 minutes about a line that he was to read during the show. It was a "tease", which is the term we use in television for a line of copy that promotes a story that will air later in the show.

Here's the way it was written:

And, next week, Me and Sarah will visit the five best breweries you may have never heard of. We'll learn all about making beer. That's next week at 5, 6, and 11.

Maybe I'm just being catty, but the grammatical error screamed out at me. I couldn't believe that a man that is almost old enough to be my father, has a least 20 years over me in the business, AND who is paid more that THREE times what I make could find this acceptable!?! Me and Sarah? How about Sarah and I....or Sarah and me, but NOT me and Sarah!



  1. OMG that drives me crazy. If I was watching that on tv I would have yelled at the tv that that is incorrect. I do it quite often-yell at the tv that is.

  2. You are right, Sarah and I would have been the correct form. I am an English major and poor grammar is definitely one of my pet peeves.

  3. Heh. How you managed to not correct him is beyond me. I would have been walking around all day behind him, hunched over like an ape, saying "Me will visit breweries! Me want beer! Me gets angry when me is made fun of!"

    And like Katie, I am a TV yeller as well...

  4. That would have totally driven me crazy!

  5. Sarah and I

    Wow! I am a grammar fanatic at times and that makes me want to grit my teeth!

  6. You know, the whole "me and sarah" or "sarah and I" or however it's supposed to be said - never bothers me. I wonder how often I say it wrong.