Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Symptom Watch


Yeah, right. I hate this part of the month. I over analyze EVERY twitch or twinge. Am I nauseous? Am I tired? Are my bre.asts sore, or is it just from actually exercising this week?

Facts: My skin is clearer than it usually is during this time of my cycle. I've been hungry, and nauseous within minutes of each other. Other than that....I've got nothing.

I'm okay with that. With Miss O. I didn't have ONE pregnancy symptom until I hit 8 or 9 weeks. And then I pretty much sailed through the entire pregnancy without too much discomfort. Go ahead, hate me for it. I can't blame you there ;)

And if I'm not?

It will be okay, as well. I'm enjoying this new exercise routine. It's doing wonders for my mental being, if nothing else. The feeling of accomplishment, when I get off the treadmill, is amazing. To be able to push my body, and have it respond the way I want it to, is awesome. Because let's face it, I've spent the last 3 and 1/2 years hating it.

Testing date? March 10th.


  1. WOW! T-6 days to testing!

    I also didn't have pregnancy symptoms and was always shocked each and every single time I got a BFP, even though we were trying (5 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages).

  2. i need to stop hating my body. I need your motivation!

    *i also had no signs I was pregnant