Thursday, May 27, 2010


After 2 full days of modified bed rest, I think I'm finally finding a rhythm.

I get Miss O. up in the morning, get her breakfast, dressed, and on the bus. Then I usually take a nap, get up, eat lunch, and spend the afternoon surfing the tv or reading blogs until the bus drops her back off.

Surprisingly, I'm not as bored as I thought I would be...of course, it's only been 2 days.

It's really nice to spend time with Miss O. If nothing else, it's giving me some quality time with her, one on one, before we turn her world upside down.

I headed in this morning for another NST. The babies look good, but as always, they were kicking the monitors and ducking away. My blood pressure was much better...I think the last reading was 124 over 65. I must be doing something right!

With the little bit of research I've done, I'm guessing the reason I was pulled from work is because of the "trend" of my BP. This whole pregnancy my BP has been hanging out anywhere from 106 over 60 to 120 over 75. Last week, the bottom number was up in the lower 80's...and this Monday was 88. This, coupled with my lovely swollen feet and ankles, is concerning enough for my doctor to want me to rest.

I'll admit, my "cankles" look better than they have in weeks...the tops of my feet are still puffy, but not as much as they were.

Next chance to leave the house? Saturday, for another NST.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Game Over

Or, how my 3 day weekend is now extended indefinitely.

I'm so, so, SO happy that M. and I got out of town this weekend. We had a wonderful time, enjoyed a delicious dinner, slept in, and made it to I.K.E.A.

Monday did not go as well...

We headed into the hospital for the NST for the babies. Those 2 trouble makers were just as bad as they were on Thursday. I don't think either of them likes the pressure from the monitors! The nurses had every trick in the book pulled out...we had double bands, washcloths placed under the bands, even an IV bag full of fluids laying on top of one of the monitors!

After 2 hours, they finally declared that the babies were doing great and let us go just in time to make it to my doctors appointment.

It started out fine...they checked my weight, asked how I was feeling, I left a urine sample. Then they checked my blood pressure. 124 over 88. Not good. I knew the doctor would not be happy.

She came in, measured my uterus...44 weeks! Then left me laying down for 20 minutes, to see what my BP would do. I laid there thinking about the beach, hearing the waves, silently begging my heart to behave.

It didn't work.

The good news? I'm not spilling protein and after some blood work, my liver enzymes are normal.

The bad? She pulled me off work.

So, I'm to lay low at home and relax.

I have such torn feelings about all of this...but I want these babies to bake quite a bit longer!

Hopefully, not working and hanging out at home will bring my pressure down and keep it from going any higher!

So, for now, I'm waving the white flag of surrender and putting my feet up!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday!


I'm so happy that the week is almost over! Nothing like having a 3 day weekend ahead of you to look forward to.

M. and I are heading out of town on Saturday night for one last kid-free/anniversary/couple time get away. We couldn't go far, but luckily, we have a "big" city about a hour away.

Not much planned but some good eats, sleeping in, and a trip to the mother ship, I.K.E.A.

We really need to pick up a dresser for the nursery and a few odds and ends. M. is starting to freak out about how much more needs done, and is worried that I might end up on bed rest and he'll be on his own to finish up.

On Monday, I get to head in to labor & delivery for my NST.

I talked to the babies yesterday morning, told (begged) them to cooperate, my NST test at the doctor's office did not work out very well. The nurse was honest with me and warned me ahead of time...she said the only machine they had for twins was WAY old, and not very sensitive. The babies cooperated for about 4 minutes before someone moved and we lost a heart rate. Found it again for about 2 minutes, and then both were gone again. We played this game for about 20 minutes, and the readings they were getting were useless.

Finally, they took me back for an ultrasound, measured the babies fluid levels and movement and sent me on my way.

The doctor's office called yesterday afternoon, and said that from now on we'll have to go L&D for the tests from here on out...lucky me. I'm a little concerned about how this is all going to work without being late for work, but healthy babies are more important.


So, what are you doing this weekend? Any big plans?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching Up

Is it really Wednesday already? Wow. This week is flying...and I'm not complaining!

I guess that's what happens when the POTUS decides to visit your town on a Tuesday and you work in the media.

Monday was crazy with making plans for President Obama's visit and Tuesday was even crazier with the actual visit.

These are the days when I love my job. Too bad they are few and far between!


Monday's appointment went well.

We started with an ultrasound to see how the twins have been growing. Both babies look great and have gained about a pound in the last month. Baby A is still head down on my left side. Baby B is now breech, with his head near my ribs on the left and his feet just above his sister.

As a treat, the tech decided to switch over to 3-D and try to get some face shots! It was SO cool to see them like that. Poor Baby A, though, every time she tried to get a face shot, you would see Baby B's feet enter the frame and kick her in the head! I felt so bad for her. M. and I both feel like we can see a lot of Miss O. in Baby A's face...

Baby A weighed in at 2 pounds, 12 ounces...


Baby B weighed in at 2 pounds, 14 ounces. Here he is showing off his muscles!

Baby B at 30 weeks

After the ultrasound, we saw the doctor. She wasn't as pleased with my blood pressure this was 124 over 85, but said we'll be watching it.

I'm going to be going to the office at least 2 times a week now from here on out.

Tomorrow I go for my 1st NST, and they'll check my BP again.

I guess it's time for another belly shot...

30 weeks, 3 days body

You know your belly is getting big when your overflowing D.D.D's are starting to look small!


Finally, if you're the praying type, please send some up for my friend, Tif. I met her on a pregnancy forum almost 4 years ago, that we're both still active on.

She gave birth last night to her daughter at 22 weeks. Her husband and her had just about an hour to say hello and goodbye to their sweet little angel.

Please pray for Tif, John, and their 2 little girls to find comfort in this tough time.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

More Thoughts and 30 Weeks

To Work or NOT to work, continued....

As I expected, I got a wide range of comments to my last post, which is exactly what I wanted.

Some of you gave me great, valid points that I hadn't even thought about.

Best of all, it didn't become a debate over which was better!


When we found out we were carrying twins, I immediately figured that working full time would be done. M. felt the same.

There are really 2 things holding me back from saying I'm definitely done after the babies come.

One is health insurance.

We are currently on my insurance plan. M.'s costs more and has a higher deductible. Of course, with mine changing on June remains to be seen who's really is better.

The second is fear.

Capital F-E-A-R.

What if I don't end up end with 2 babies?

(After seeing that down in writing, I realize it looks ridiculous...)

Honestly, though, I still struggle with horrible, morbid thoughts.

I guess that's what struggling for over 4 years and losing 5 pregnancies will do to you.

Over the entire time, we tried to conceive these babies, I often felt relief that I did return to work after having Miss O. I don't know how I would have not gone crazy from obsessing about a sibling, if I hadn't at least been distracted sometimes with work.

Ultimately, I think we can pull it off, if I don't want to return. We already shop pretty smart, and try to live off M.'s income for the most part.

Ever since I took a 25% pay cut 3 years ago to keep a job, we've really just used my income for extras. A trip here, home improvements, and of course, IF treatments.

Will we have to make changes? Absolutely.

Will we survive? Yes.

No answer for today, but I do feel a little better about the whole thing.


30 weeks today.

*happy dance*

Appointment and ultrasound on Monday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Work Or Not To Work

Work has been just awful, and I don't know what to do about it.

Physically, I can handle it, but emotionally, I'm about at the end of my ropes. All I care about in the end is that I have 2 healthy babies, and I'm beginning to worry that the stress might affect them.


I still don't know what I'm going to do afterwards.

My heart says that there is NO way I'm going to be able to return.

My brain can't figure out a way to make that work. The idea of giving up my entire income scares me half to death...I know that we would make it work, money isn't everything, but I just can't get past the whole having NO income thing.

Not to mention the giving up a 12 year career and the benefits that come with that.

Yet, I don't love my job.

That's the crazy part.

You would think that would make it easier to make a decision. I thought it would. It's almost made it worse.

I always said I was a better mom because I worked.

M. and I worked opposite schedules for years to limit her daycare hours, and we could do that again. I would miss the adult interaction, but I suppose I could find that somewhere else.

I just don't know what to do.

I really don't think I'll be able to decide until the little ones are here, and I'm forced to make a choice.


So, anyone out there a stay at home mom? A work part time mom?

How did you make the transition? How did you finally decide?

Any great tips on saving money?

Friday, May 7, 2010


I swear that is all I do anymore.

This week, I think I have fallen back asleep every day after putting Miss O. on the bus. For a good hour, hour and a half. Then I wake with a start and realize I need to be to work in 40 minutes, I haven't ate breakfast or showered.

It's quite the routine.

I can sleep at anytime. I feel like I'm back at the first trimester, when I couldn't keep my eyes open in the evening, and napping whenever I sit down.

Work has been killer this week. I'm sure it's not helping.

At my appointment on Monday, the doctor asked again when I was going to stop working.

My answer? "When you tell me to..."

With no official maternity leave, I only have FMLA to fall back on. I'm scared that if they take me off now, I won't have any time left after the babies are born.

Otherwise it was an easy appointment. I was up 4 more pounds, for a total of 30. My blood pressure was awesome at 106/75. Everything looks good.

I go back in 2 weeks for another appointment and an ultrasound. Hopefully, the babies will have grown quite a bit and look good.

Until then, *yawn*, I'll be resting...