Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday!


I'm so happy that the week is almost over! Nothing like having a 3 day weekend ahead of you to look forward to.

M. and I are heading out of town on Saturday night for one last kid-free/anniversary/couple time get away. We couldn't go far, but luckily, we have a "big" city about a hour away.

Not much planned but some good eats, sleeping in, and a trip to the mother ship, I.K.E.A.

We really need to pick up a dresser for the nursery and a few odds and ends. M. is starting to freak out about how much more needs done, and is worried that I might end up on bed rest and he'll be on his own to finish up.

On Monday, I get to head in to labor & delivery for my NST.

I talked to the babies yesterday morning, told (begged) them to cooperate, my NST test at the doctor's office did not work out very well. The nurse was honest with me and warned me ahead of time...she said the only machine they had for twins was WAY old, and not very sensitive. The babies cooperated for about 4 minutes before someone moved and we lost a heart rate. Found it again for about 2 minutes, and then both were gone again. We played this game for about 20 minutes, and the readings they were getting were useless.

Finally, they took me back for an ultrasound, measured the babies fluid levels and movement and sent me on my way.

The doctor's office called yesterday afternoon, and said that from now on we'll have to go L&D for the tests from here on out...lucky me. I'm a little concerned about how this is all going to work without being late for work, but healthy babies are more important.


So, what are you doing this weekend? Any big plans?


  1. The hubs is out of town for a jazz conference till Sunday. My boss and daughter are coming over to night to help me decorate a cake for her Brownies to Girl Scouts bridging ceremony. Tomorrow Mr. Miles has a playdate with his BFF, Andrew. We're picking up Daddy Sunday and then out to dinner!

    BOO for old equipment!
    YAY for trips with the hubs with a bonus IKEA visit! :-)

  2. Boo to the old equipment. You'd think they would have newer stuff by now.

    We're headed to the IL's for the weekend.

    Hope you have fun at Ikea!

  3. Dude. Twins are hard enough with the NST-- why on earth would they have the old crappy machine be the only one that can read more than one heart rate, especially with the increasing incidence of twins... silly doctor's office! Nice that you got an ultrasound with it anyway. My doctor doesn't do that, though I wish they would before the NST, because then, we'd have a better idea of where they are positioned.

    IKEA! Yeah. We're finally (FINALLY) done with all of our IKEA shopping, though part of me wishes there were one last trip left to take there. Of course, I'm so tired these days that I wouldn't survive very long walking around the store.

    I hope your weekend is awesome. We'll be doing a bunch of that "sleeping in" stuff ourselves!

  4. Sooo envious! Babymoon sounds so great. Sadly I have to work. Have fun!!!

  5. I'm kind of surprised that I haven't had an NST, but now I wonder if the whole movement thing is why. They do measure the fluids every time, and ask me how the babies are moving.

    My plans for the weekend? Couch, bed, couch, bed. Very exciting, eh?

  6. Enjoy your long weekend :-) Good luck on Monday!

  7. Enjoy your weekend & IKEA!!!

    I'm staining cabinets this weekend :)

    my verification word was ableduck. how fun!

  8. Ikea sounds fun!

    we;re hanging out, visiting my parents. Love it!