Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Game Over

Or, how my 3 day weekend is now extended indefinitely.

I'm so, so, SO happy that M. and I got out of town this weekend. We had a wonderful time, enjoyed a delicious dinner, slept in, and made it to I.K.E.A.

Monday did not go as well...

We headed into the hospital for the NST for the babies. Those 2 trouble makers were just as bad as they were on Thursday. I don't think either of them likes the pressure from the monitors! The nurses had every trick in the book pulled out...we had double bands, washcloths placed under the bands, even an IV bag full of fluids laying on top of one of the monitors!

After 2 hours, they finally declared that the babies were doing great and let us go just in time to make it to my doctors appointment.

It started out fine...they checked my weight, asked how I was feeling, I left a urine sample. Then they checked my blood pressure. 124 over 88. Not good. I knew the doctor would not be happy.

She came in, measured my uterus...44 weeks! Then left me laying down for 20 minutes, to see what my BP would do. I laid there thinking about the beach, hearing the waves, silently begging my heart to behave.

It didn't work.

The good news? I'm not spilling protein and after some blood work, my liver enzymes are normal.

The bad? She pulled me off work.

So, I'm to lay low at home and relax.

I have such torn feelings about all of this...but I want these babies to bake quite a bit longer!

Hopefully, not working and hanging out at home will bring my pressure down and keep it from going any higher!

So, for now, I'm waving the white flag of surrender and putting my feet up!


  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. Keep your feet kicked up! :)

    Is 124/88 high because you're having twins? I know mine got up to 130/90 towards the end with B and they didn't bat a lash - even though my normal BP is like 90/60 and I was freaking out that it was so high! :)

    Hoping it settles back down and those babies bake a bit more!

  3. Take it easy, my dear:-) Soon enough, you won't have a moment to sit down;-) During my last few weeks of pregnancy, I watched the whole series of "Dawson's Creek;-)"

  4. My blood pressure is often in the 130's over the 80's (I know because I have to take a reading twice a day), and they don't seem worried about it. I know part of it is the terbutaline meds, because normally it's around 120/80, but still?

    I was torn at first about not being able to work, but quickly felt relieved.

  5. I had to go on bedrest with my first child because of preclampscia, I think it was the longest 3 weeks of my life--but this was before Netflix and good internet connections--so I am sure you will do great! (And you have a child to distract you too!)

    Take care, and they soon will be all ready to come out!

    Good luck!

  6. I thought 120/80 was normal for an adult female? I'm no doctor...

    Take care of yourself...try to get some rest. You know, in between peeing every 30 minutes.

  7. Hmm. That BP seems within the range of normal, but I totally understand your doctor deciding to be conservative about keeping you off your feet! Any increase over your usual BP is reason enough to just slow down a bit!

    It sucks that you have to so suddenly be done with work, but hey! You made it to almost 32 weeks (is that right? You're 2-3 weeks behind me, right?), and that's a long time to work for a twin pregnancy. I hope you can enjoy kicking back at home and get some much deserved relaxation!

    Oh, and FWIW, my boys really don't care for the pressure of the monitors, either. They kick and punch and push against them every single time! It's cute for a while, and then, it gets annoying, since they eventually figure out how to roll off of the monitors, and then we have to chase them down! Sigh. I just keep telling myself 'Three more weeks of this...', only 5-6 more NSTs and we're done!

  8. Oh boy! That's one hell of a doctor's visit. Hoping you aren't on your butt for too long. Big hugs!

  9. Enjoy your summer! Kick up your feet with a glass of cold lemon-aid and chill out :-)

  10. Take it easy! I'm in more or less the same boat except that I was also spilling protein... drink lots of water too. Keep those babies baking :-)

  11. Hope the bedrest isn't too boring and those babies stay put where they're supposed to be!! Good luck & make sure you rest!

  12. Well, I hope the rest will calm down the surging BP....hopefully, it would all settle down fast.

  13. The perfect excuse to kick your feet up, watch some chick flicks, read some rest rest and pamper yourself and I MEAN IT!

  14. Same thing happened to me. High BP and 1 point too high on the protein = modified bed rest. I didn't have to stay horizontal and in a bed, just couldn't work, run errands or run marathons. (HA!)

    Keep a bakin'!