Friday, May 14, 2010

More Thoughts and 30 Weeks

To Work or NOT to work, continued....

As I expected, I got a wide range of comments to my last post, which is exactly what I wanted.

Some of you gave me great, valid points that I hadn't even thought about.

Best of all, it didn't become a debate over which was better!


When we found out we were carrying twins, I immediately figured that working full time would be done. M. felt the same.

There are really 2 things holding me back from saying I'm definitely done after the babies come.

One is health insurance.

We are currently on my insurance plan. M.'s costs more and has a higher deductible. Of course, with mine changing on June remains to be seen who's really is better.

The second is fear.

Capital F-E-A-R.

What if I don't end up end with 2 babies?

(After seeing that down in writing, I realize it looks ridiculous...)

Honestly, though, I still struggle with horrible, morbid thoughts.

I guess that's what struggling for over 4 years and losing 5 pregnancies will do to you.

Over the entire time, we tried to conceive these babies, I often felt relief that I did return to work after having Miss O. I don't know how I would have not gone crazy from obsessing about a sibling, if I hadn't at least been distracted sometimes with work.

Ultimately, I think we can pull it off, if I don't want to return. We already shop pretty smart, and try to live off M.'s income for the most part.

Ever since I took a 25% pay cut 3 years ago to keep a job, we've really just used my income for extras. A trip here, home improvements, and of course, IF treatments.

Will we have to make changes? Absolutely.

Will we survive? Yes.

No answer for today, but I do feel a little better about the whole thing.


30 weeks today.

*happy dance*

Appointment and ultrasound on Monday.


  1. I like working, but don't feel like I can do it all well. I'm at a crossroads and not sure what we'll be doing, but after a year away from work I feel pretty confident that I can find ways to maintain my skills and identity without working fulltime.

    Good luck and congratulaitons!

  2. Yeah for 30 weeks!! I think you'll only be able to make a real decision after the babies come to be honest. Thanks so much for your support on my blog, pet! Fran

  3. I couldn't imagine working with twins and a toddler. Holy moly. :) I am only working about 8 hours a week from home, sometimes more, sometimes less.

  4. Yay for 30 weeks!

    Yea, the insurance was definitely a factor for us. It's amazing the cost difference for adding the twins between the two of our plans.

  5. Yay for 30 weeks!

    You have time before you have to make a decision *hugs*

  6. Doing the happy dance with you! 30 weeks!! YAY!!!

  7. YAY for 30 weeks. Hope the u/s went well.

    Keep those crazy thoughts out of your head missy.

  8. You're in the home stretch! No matter what happens, those babies will be loved and cherish:-)