Thursday, July 28, 2011


...the twins are actually sleeping AT THE SAME TIME!

I'm probably jinxing myself for even typing those words out, but I'm super excited and have to share with someone!

For the last year, I kid you not, the only time Pretty Girl and Big Boy would sleep at the same time was at night.


With one being exclusively breast fed, and one getting getting half/half bottles since they were about 4 months old, finding a way to get them on a same nap schedule was impossible. Especially since they are both were cat nappers, sleeping 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there.

Even if I took them out to run errands, often if you looked in my stroller, one of them would be snoozing and the other one wide awake. Strangers often joked, "Oh, is it always like this?" and laugh.

I did NOT find it amusing.

Instead of growling at the person, I often plastered on a fake smile and joked back, "Yup. They never nap at the same time. It's okay, though, because they do sleep most of the night at the same time."

Sometimes, I *might* get an overlap of about 15 minutes, when one twin would finally give it up and close their eyes just as the other one started to stretch.

So, it's amazing to me, that right now, BOTH twins have been napping for about an hour!

And this is the 3rd day in a row that has happened.

My house might actually stand a chance at getting cleaned up. Laundry might actually get folded fresh from the dryer. I can eat lunch while it's hot without 2 little sweet faces clamor for bites of it!

Or, like right now, I can sit down and post on my blog...and maybe even catch up on reading yours! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Livin' Life

I can't believe July is over halfway gone.

Time just flies sometimes.

It's been quite the month for us so far...

I spent many hours planning and preparing for the twins 1st birthday party.

The day before their birthday, I snuck away for a few hours for a haircut. Over 10 inches and some highlights later, I came out a new woman.

Miss O. and I picked out cupcakes for the twins on their real birthday....they loved them!

Finally, yesterday was the big family celebration.

It was a wonderful day, filled with family and close friends, all celebrating the passing of a whole year.

A whole year!

That is just crazy.

Lots to get out of my head and jotted down, but for now I hope that a few pictures will do!

Gotta Get That Flower!

Sitting Pretty

I don't like this at ALL!

♥ My loves ♥

ETA: I don't know why the 1st couple of pics aren't rotated! is giving me a hard time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

It Never Fails

I always start out so strong when I decide to participate in something blog related. I have great ideas for posts. I post everyday for about a week.

And then it always happens. Something gets in the way.

I miss one day.

Then two.

Before I know it, I've missed 3, 4, or 5.

Guilt sets in.

Eh, what you going to do?

Both twins have been fighting a yucky summer cold since last Wednesday. Their bedtime routine has gone to crap. Not to mention, both have been waking up multiple times every night.

That means no time to blog.

Sleep over blogging wins every time.

I'll try to get back in the swing of things soon. For now, at least I've posted more this month than I have in the last 3 months!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lion OR Lamb?

Today's summer camp theme is about birthdays! Click here to see who else is participating!

Day 5: What do you prefer to do on your birthday?

My birthday is at the end of March, which depending on the year, can be a beautiful spring day or an awful, cold, dreary end of the winter kind of day.

Most of the time, where I live, March "roars" out like a lion.

Which is exactly how I preferred to celebrate my birthday as a youngster!

For years, my birthday was an excuse to get all my friends to go out, especially late, after working 3 -11pm and shut the bar down. No matter what day of the week it fell on, I would ask, sometimes beg, (who wants to go out to drink on a Monday?) my friends to meet at our favorite watering hole and celebrate ME!

Hahahahaha....boy, do things change!

Now, I'm happy if I get a dinner out with M. and maybe a glass of wine.

Funny thing is, I'm okay with that.

Guess I'm more of a lamb than a lion, after all.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Two for One

Oh, how many things that simple phrase can mean now a days in my life...

I didn't get a chance to hop on to the computer yesterday, so I'm combining Summer Camp Days 3 & 4 into one post.

Day 3: What are your guilty pleasures?

  1. Coffee. A true cup of coffee house coffee. The kind with flavors and froth.
  2. Pedicures
  3. Reading. Anything. A book, a magazine, the back of a cereal box...I don't often have time these days.
  4. Scrapbooking
  5. Blogging

Day 4: What has most surprised you about being an adult? What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

I think the biggest thing that I've been surprised about being an adult is that I don't feel any older.

When I was young, I thought that as I became an adult, I'd feel different. More adult-like. Responsible. Older.

I don't.

I just feel like me. Only with more aches and pains if I do something I used to do in my youth.

Now, I don't mean that I'm not responsible.

I pay my bills, clean the house, make dinner for my family.

I just don't feel any different.

Blogging has taught me that I'm not alone.

Even when I think that I am.

There are wonderful women out in the world, who feel like me, who've struggled, who've walked similar paths as me...and are willing to support me.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Way I Was...

...a LONG time ago.

Young Me

Summer Camp Day 2: What extracurricular activities, if any, did you take part in during high school? Did you consider yourself a writer?

Ah, high school.

The memories. The teen angst. The bad hair.

Hard to believe it's been so long since I walked those halls...

I was a three sport a year girl. Soccer in the fall, swimming in the winter, and softball in the spring. In between all that, I was always trying out for the school musical and yearly play and singing in the chorus. Never liked to be doing nothing, always happier when I had many irons in the fire.

To this day, I feel like I do my best work when I'm under pressure or have a deadline. That's probably why I enjoyed working in TV news. Everyday was different, but you almost always had to finish what you started that day.

I don't know if I would consider myself a writer back then. Too busy. Plus, I would just talk my friend's ears off, especially if I had a problem.

Although, I did enjoy writing my English Lit papers :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Time For Summer Camp!

It's July 1st.


How did that happen? Summer seems to be flying by for me!

I'm excited to try and get back up on the blogging horse by partaking in part of Calliope's Summer Camp this month. Need a little help getting those creative juices flowing? Join on in here.

For Summer Camp Day 1, I'm supposed to show you where I normally blog.

I really wish I could learn Phot.oshop, so I could have created some cool artist's rendering of the area, especially since the area is a M-E-S-S right now.


But I can't so here's where I usually sit down to post on my blog...


It's our old desktop computer. I have a laptop, but since the twins have become mobile, I can't be anywhere near them and try to be on a computer. Especially Big Boy, aka Bam-Bam, who loves to take his hand and pound on anything I have.

I like to blog here, even if it's a little (ok, a lot) messy.

I load almost all my pics on to this computer, so they are handy when I want them. The white frames on top of the tower are waiting for black & white pictures of the twins for their bedroom. To the right, the big, almost exploding box from I.kea was meant to hide my paperwork. The problem is, I've never gone through what's in it, only added to it! There is also a can of coffee on the shelf. What? You don't have coffee in your spare bedroom? Only me? The plastic containers are there, waiting to be returned to my best friend, so she can fill them with her awesome biscotti. Biscotti, that would be really yummy, with a cup of coffee.

On the shelf above the monitor is an angel holding a baby, that was given to me by one of my mother's hospice nurses. The green candle holder with tea light was one of the first crafts that Miss O. ever made for me. And the purple velvet box, well, let's just say my mom is always close ;)

Sitting here, surrounded by special things gives me peace, even if it isn't tidy.