Friday, July 1, 2011

Time For Summer Camp!

It's July 1st.


How did that happen? Summer seems to be flying by for me!

I'm excited to try and get back up on the blogging horse by partaking in part of Calliope's Summer Camp this month. Need a little help getting those creative juices flowing? Join on in here.

For Summer Camp Day 1, I'm supposed to show you where I normally blog.

I really wish I could learn Phot.oshop, so I could have created some cool artist's rendering of the area, especially since the area is a M-E-S-S right now.


But I can't so here's where I usually sit down to post on my blog...


It's our old desktop computer. I have a laptop, but since the twins have become mobile, I can't be anywhere near them and try to be on a computer. Especially Big Boy, aka Bam-Bam, who loves to take his hand and pound on anything I have.

I like to blog here, even if it's a little (ok, a lot) messy.

I load almost all my pics on to this computer, so they are handy when I want them. The white frames on top of the tower are waiting for black & white pictures of the twins for their bedroom. To the right, the big, almost exploding box from I.kea was meant to hide my paperwork. The problem is, I've never gone through what's in it, only added to it! There is also a can of coffee on the shelf. What? You don't have coffee in your spare bedroom? Only me? The plastic containers are there, waiting to be returned to my best friend, so she can fill them with her awesome biscotti. Biscotti, that would be really yummy, with a cup of coffee.

On the shelf above the monitor is an angel holding a baby, that was given to me by one of my mother's hospice nurses. The green candle holder with tea light was one of the first crafts that Miss O. ever made for me. And the purple velvet box, well, let's just say my mom is always close ;)

Sitting here, surrounded by special things gives me peace, even if it isn't tidy.

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  1. messy or not, it's awesome to be surrounded by special things.