Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lion OR Lamb?

Today's summer camp theme is about birthdays! Click here to see who else is participating!

Day 5: What do you prefer to do on your birthday?

My birthday is at the end of March, which depending on the year, can be a beautiful spring day or an awful, cold, dreary end of the winter kind of day.

Most of the time, where I live, March "roars" out like a lion.

Which is exactly how I preferred to celebrate my birthday as a youngster!

For years, my birthday was an excuse to get all my friends to go out, especially late, after working 3 -11pm and shut the bar down. No matter what day of the week it fell on, I would ask, sometimes beg, (who wants to go out to drink on a Monday?) my friends to meet at our favorite watering hole and celebrate ME!

Hahahahaha....boy, do things change!

Now, I'm happy if I get a dinner out with M. and maybe a glass of wine.

Funny thing is, I'm okay with that.

Guess I'm more of a lamb than a lion, after all.


  1. No kidding huh? I'm lucky if I make it to 10 pm on my birthday these days. :)
    So nice to see you blogging again. We have missed you.

  2. I've never been much of a partier for my birthday. I've always just been happy to have dinner (either out or in, but something special).

  3. I have totally become a lamb - and that's okay.
    Birthday dinners are the best though.