Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Way I Was...

...a LONG time ago.

Young Me

Summer Camp Day 2: What extracurricular activities, if any, did you take part in during high school? Did you consider yourself a writer?

Ah, high school.

The memories. The teen angst. The bad hair.

Hard to believe it's been so long since I walked those halls...

I was a three sport a year girl. Soccer in the fall, swimming in the winter, and softball in the spring. In between all that, I was always trying out for the school musical and yearly play and singing in the chorus. Never liked to be doing nothing, always happier when I had many irons in the fire.

To this day, I feel like I do my best work when I'm under pressure or have a deadline. That's probably why I enjoyed working in TV news. Everyday was different, but you almost always had to finish what you started that day.

I don't know if I would consider myself a writer back then. Too busy. Plus, I would just talk my friend's ears off, especially if I had a problem.

Although, I did enjoy writing my English Lit papers :)

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