Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Always Late to the Party

Hello. *waves*

It's been a while.

A long while.

My last post was in December. I only posted 3o-some times in 2011. 30-some times for the whole YEAR.


I had grand plans of making sure I posted more in January. Actually started a year-end/look ahead post but I didn't get much further than a few lines. Turns out it's really overwhelming to try and figure out what to say or not say when you haven't been blogging much.

Kinda like the proverbial snowball gathering snow as it rolls downhill. Not that we've had much snow this's 55 degrees out today!

Instead, for the last month I've opened and closed that post without hitting publish more times than I'd like to admit. After the middle of the month passed, I wondered why I was still trying to write it at all.

It is a month into 2012, after all.

I've decided to give up on that post, but not my blog.

Here's a quick synopsis of what's going on here at Not The Path I Chose:

  • I'm still a SAHM, still adjusting to not having a "job".
  • Miss O. will be turning 8 in March. Crazy!
  • The twins, aka Big Boy and Pretty Girl, are 18 months old and BUSY.
  • I picked up some freelance work that is allowing me to work from home, and earn a little bit of money. Tiny money, honestly, but I'm hoping the work will lead to bigger things.
  • I'm also venturing into the world of independent sales with a fun company. This weekend I'm heading out to a Tast.efully Sim.ple conference, to get some ideas on how to launch my business.
  • I had the opportunity to talk about my secondary IF at my "moms" group.
  • My reader is finally almost current. I've been reading up, trying to catch up on everyone. The twins finally napping at the same time helps with this!
For 2012, my list of things I want to do/accomplish is pretty cliche. I'll spare you the list, but it includes creating and sticking to a budget, losing some more weight, reconnecting with friends, blogging more and maybe participating in a triathlon.

Time will tell.

So, I might be a month late, but I'm hoping 2012 is a great year for all of us!