Wednesday, June 22, 2011

11 Months

It's getting harder and harder to get the twins to sit still take their monthly pictures!

Must. Get. Paper.

Just too much to see and explore.

Uh, oh!

It's a two person job now, with me taking photos and M. making sure no one falls off the chair.

Sweet Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl is cutting 6 teeth right now. S-I-X! At the same time! She has four cutting through on the top gum and two more on the bottom. Night time is the worst. Poor little thing just can't get comfortable. She's still my little "Velcro baby"...wanting me over almost anyone else. The only other person she will go excitedly to is Miss O. Oh my goodness, does she get excited when she walks into the room! It is adorable.


Big Boy truly is my BIG boy now. He might have started out smaller than his sister, but he's got at least an inch in height on her, and I'd guess at least a pound, too! He is SO close to walking, talking a few steps here and there. He's fine until he realizes he's not holding on to anything, then he slooooowly lowers himself down to the floor.

Good as it gets

They are so much fun but so busy, too! My days are filled with No's and redirecting someone away from something, but I also get to have fun reading books, and playing with them.

I'm so lucky.


  1. Congrats on the 11 month milestone - hard to believe you've come this far already, huh?

  2. They just keep getting cuter!! I can't believe you are dealing with 6 teeth at once!! We just got Adelyn's 1st two & she is still teething but I can't see any others coming through. Just got over a double ear infection while those first two were coming in!!! OY! Talk about no sleep!

    I can't believe our babes are going to be a year soon!! Have anything fun planned?

  3. Woohoo for 11 months!! They are sooo adorable and look like so much fun!! Teeth are tough--for everyone. I hope it's over soon ;-)

  4. THey have gotten so big! THey are absolutely adorable.

  5. SQUEAL! They are so cute!! I have a hard enough time getting a decent picture of one child. I have no idea how you do it with two.

  6. It goes so fast...they are 11 months, wow! They are so darn cute!