Thursday, May 27, 2010


After 2 full days of modified bed rest, I think I'm finally finding a rhythm.

I get Miss O. up in the morning, get her breakfast, dressed, and on the bus. Then I usually take a nap, get up, eat lunch, and spend the afternoon surfing the tv or reading blogs until the bus drops her back off.

Surprisingly, I'm not as bored as I thought I would be...of course, it's only been 2 days.

It's really nice to spend time with Miss O. If nothing else, it's giving me some quality time with her, one on one, before we turn her world upside down.

I headed in this morning for another NST. The babies look good, but as always, they were kicking the monitors and ducking away. My blood pressure was much better...I think the last reading was 124 over 65. I must be doing something right!

With the little bit of research I've done, I'm guessing the reason I was pulled from work is because of the "trend" of my BP. This whole pregnancy my BP has been hanging out anywhere from 106 over 60 to 120 over 75. Last week, the bottom number was up in the lower 80's...and this Monday was 88. This, coupled with my lovely swollen feet and ankles, is concerning enough for my doctor to want me to rest.

I'll admit, my "cankles" look better than they have in weeks...the tops of my feet are still puffy, but not as much as they were.

Next chance to leave the house? Saturday, for another NST.


  1. You know, after just one day of ever-so-slightly overdoing it, my "cankles" take THREE DAYS to calm down again. Not fair! I've totally got the top-of-foot puffiness going on, but it really only gets on my nerves when it gets to the point where my toes feel like they're being pinched off at the joint. Grr.

    And yeah, I'm leaving in just a few minutes to head to my second-of-the-week NST. Let's hope the boys behave!

  2. OK! Now I understand the blood pressure issues. That is quite the change.

    My feet look like sausages! It's really bad.

    It's good that you get to spend some time with your daughter now.

  3. Take it easy. BP can spiral out of control fast. That is why I was induced at 39 weeks instead of 40. I had preeclampsia with my first son in labor. My whole body swelled up. It was not pretty.

    Take care ;)

    REnt lots of movies.

  4. NST-a-thon!

    Glad you're getting some good O time in before you rock her world!

  5. I love how positive you are about being on bedrest and spending time with O. I have had off the past two days and am going stir crazy!! Glad all is going well with your little ones.

  6. Hang in there! You're doing a great job taking care of yourself :-)

  7. So glad you're getting the one-on-one time with Miss O before her world changes!

    Keep those tooties up and rest.


  8. A silver lining is always nice to find when bed rest is called for. So glad you and Miss O are spending some quality time together. While she is still so young, I am sure she will remember this time with you. We will be sending good vibes for lower blood pressure results soon. Hugs to you and the family and of course the growing belly. :)

  9. I'm glad it's going well. Hang in there :-) Enjoy the time with Miss O.

  10. Finally able to catch up. So sorry about bed rest. Take care of yourself. Bed rest is tough. Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn't had it before.