Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Milestone

First, it was gettting to our egg retrieval.

Then it was making it to transfer with embies to freeze.

Next, came the agonizing 2 week wait for the beta.

After that, would the betas double?

Holding my breath at the ultrasound, as I prayed for a heartbeat.

The twelve weeks of fear every time I went to the bathroom or felt a cramp or twinge.

Please let there be no blood.

The anatomy scan.

And now, 24 weeks.



When M. and I decided to undertake that IVF cycle in October, we talked about our goals for the cycle.

If we let ourselves dream that it might work, we still knew we had a long time to go before we would feel comfortable. Every one of our 5 losses had ended differently with different signs or symptoms.

Every time we've passed a milestone, I've felt a little lighter.

A little more hopeful.

For M., I think making it to 12 weeks allowed him to relax and believe.

For me, it's taken a little longer.

I'm still pregnant.

Please babies, bake for as long as you can, you are already so loved.


  1. Congratulations on making it to such a wonderful milestone. It must make you sigh just a little bit of relief to know you are this far along. Enjoy!!

  2. This is one of the cruelest parts of Infertility. Even once you get pregnant it steals the joy you should be having.

    I'm sorry. I hope you are able to start enjoying it and soak it all in. You DESERVE this happiness.

  3. Brilliant! What a wonderful milestone to reach :)

  4. Fantastic milestone my friend, it'll all go well. Fran

  5. Glad to see you have made another milestone!

  6. When I had my son 13 years ago I was naive. I didn't worry about anything and thought nothing could go wrong.

    I *wish* I could feel that again. I am 35 weeks now and still feeling worried and anxiety.

  7. that viability marker was HUGE for me, too. Congratulations!

  8. Dream on! Your dreams are a beautiful reality!

    Congrats on the milestone....All the best!

  9. Congrats on this newest milestone!! It is such a relief to pass these little markers along the way. I know exactly what you mean about ticking off all these things, hoping to make it one hurdle to the next. Just a few more weeks and they'll be here!!! It's surreal, isn't it?

  10. Still pregnant.

    That's all that really matters...

  11. Happy 24 weeks! Reaching viability was probably one of my most exciting milestones.

  12. Congrats on meeting this milestone, it's a BIG one :)

  13. I understand where you are coming from sweetie and this is a wonderful milestone to reach. Keep baking, babies!!

  14. Hooray for milestones!!!!!