Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Braces Bunchers!

Last spring, after a rough couple of months of dealing with loss number 5, JJ posted about the Braces Bunch.

I had noticed the logo on a few blogs I read, but didn't know what it meant. After reading her post about the snail mail she had received over the previous 2 years, I decided to join the group.

Best decision ever.

Not only did I gain some new, loyal readers but I've expanded MY reading list as well. I have about a shoebox full of cards that I've received over the last year...each and every one of them has meant SO much to me.

I look forward to the next year to see what's in store for all of us...and I can't wait to send out more cards and goodies to the Braces Bunchers!


  1. So glad I met you through BB. Your comments have been so wonderful and while I hate that we have such heartache in common, I love that we have connected and become friends. :) Big hugs to you and yay to BB!!!

  2. So glad you joined! I appreciate you being such an awesome support to all the Bunchers--we love ya!

  3. I've wondered what the BB are, too. Glad you've found encouragement and love in the cards received:-)

  4. Glad to have met you through BB! :-)