Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Headed in yesterday for my 26 week appointment.

My name was called, and M. and I headed on back with the nurse. THE nurse, who 2 weeks ago didn't notice the label "twins" all over my chart. I thought to myself, "Hmm...wonder how this will go?" but I figured it's only been 2 weeks, she'll remember.

Once in the room, I was weighed, blood pressure taken, and then the doppler came out.

She quickly got a heartbeat, declared it as 152 and started to wipe off my belly. AGAIN.

"Uh, I'm expecting twins..."

Same blank look, no apology again.

She half-heartily placed the doppler on the other side of my belly, and started searching. M. and I looked at each other, and didn't hear anything. "133", she said. "The doctor will be in to talk with you.".

As soon as she was out the door, I told M. that was the same nurse...he was shocked. I felt like maybe he thought I overreacted last time, and was glad he experienced the same thing. Both of us were uncomfortable about the second heart rate she gave us, and told my doctor as much.

That, along with the fact that Baby B has been a little lazy over the last few days, won us a trip to the ultrasound room.

As soon as they placed the transducer on my belly it was apparent why I thought Baby B hadn't been moving much. The first thing we saw were 2 heads, one on each side of my belly button.

Baby B is no longer transverse, hanging out at the top of my uterus, and Baby A is no longer head down.

Both babies and my fluid levels looked great!

Baby A is weighing in at 1 pound, 11 oz. She has her thumb on her nose.

Baby A & her thumb

Baby B is weighing in at 1 pound, 15 oz. He is sucking his thumb.

Baby B & his thumb

This is the biggest difference in their weights yet, but I'm being told that it's nothing to worry about at this point.

Pinch me, I still can't believe we're still having babies!


  1. I'm glad you said something to the DR and I'm still so pissed at the nurse!!!

  2. What a no attention-paying-idiot!

  3. wow! that nurse would be on my "not like" list for sure!

  4. Wow. Just wow. Glad you talked to the Doctor and I am so glad that everything is going well!

  5. Pinched!!

    you are!! Great all is well and that nurse does deserve a earful. Fran

  6. She sounds like a jerk!! How is your doctor?

    Glad to hear the babies are doing well.

  7. Wow, I can't believe that nurse! You really should say something about it.

    So glad everyone is doing well. Consider yourself pinched! :-)

  8. Ugh! My last nurse didn't notice my chart either! She put me in the regular room and I thought, huh... how are they gonna ultrasound. And then she figured it out and came back and was all "you just be sure to tell us that you're having twins, especially at the end of the day like this... blah, blah, blah... like it's MY responsibility?". Makes me feel like a cow being herded through a pasture.

    And hey, why not? I've got the udders... lol! - kidding. Kinda.

    Glad they are doing well. I'm feeling a bit less movement these past few weeks, I'm thinking because it's getting crowded in there. And a lot of times when I feel strong movement, I can feel a WHOLE baby kind of kicking and punching at the same time (as in, I can feel her in the front of my uterus AND at the back - as if she's stretching).

    I can't wait until my U/S on Friday! I'm SOOOO ready to see them both again!

  9. The babies look great! Sorry about the yahoo nurse.

  10. Again... laughed my ass off. I have no idea how this woman is still employed. It's like, "hey... look at the damn chart!" It's not hard. Still reminds me of my old pediatrician calling Cailin a boy. Seriously!! LOOK AT THE CHART.

  11. How frustrating! Is there a way to complain about that nurse? Because she obviously doesn't like or take her job seriously.

    At least you got to see the babies and all is good :-)

  12. That nurse sucks, but yay for getting to see the babies!!

  13. That nurse is awful!

    Consider yourself pinched :) This is really, really happening. Those are two great looking kids!!


  14. You would think the nurses would look at the charts prior to calling you back for your exam and ultrasounds, but I had the same thing happen to me (with the same nurse) umpteen times. I finally just started reminding her at the beginning of the appointment and made it into a joke because it was stressing me too.

    Also, don't worry too much about the babies' weights/differences. They will fluctuate greatly throughout your pregnancy. Our boys were pretty close to each other most of my pregnancy, but they came out almost a pound difference. It's really all just a guessing game anyway.

    Hang in there. Would love to see belly pics! I just love baby bellies, especially twin baby bellies.

    Holler if you have any questions, girl. Take care!

  15. Ooh. Your nurse is pissing me off. Seriously. But at least you got an ultrasound out of it. That's pretty cool.

    The babies are looking great! It's nice that you got some face shots. I haven't seen my boys' faces since the 18 week mark or so. I'm really beginning to wish they did ultrasounds more often at this practice. I won't have another ultrasound until 33-34 weeks. Sigh.

  16. I would refuse to have that nurse again...refuse! I think your belly pic is awesome! So ya got any names yet???

  17. What an icky nurse. Those ultrasound pics are SO precious!! Seeing life developing like that is just amazing!

    Happy Mothers Day!