Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've got a few things I need to get off my chest...this won't be pretty but I'm sure I'll feel better afterwards.

The biggest vent I have is with my BIL. He never seems to amaze me with his ignorance.
At the family wedding two weeks ago, over dinner, he loudly asked M. if he was going to get "snipped" after we stopped popping out the kids!?!

First of all, this is NONE of his business. Secondly, I would say that considering Miss O. will be 6 years older than the twins, we haven't exactly been "popping" the kids out.

Poor M. started turning red and stammering, so I looked over at BIL and snapped, "No, he's not. It's not exactly easy for us to get pregnant."

He knows that we've had multiple losses and that IVF blessed us with the twins I'm carrying now.

Who does that???


At my 24 week appointment on Monday, the nurse called me back, took my weight and blood pressure and then got out the Doppler.

I laid back, she squirted the goo on, and quickly got Baby A's heartbeat.

"155", she said, and started to wipe off my belly.

"Uh, I'm expecting twins", I said.

She looked at me with mixture of shock and anger, and then started to try to find Baby B. After I showed her where he likes to hang out, she found him and his heartbeat at 160.

She then told me to go leave a urine sample and told me the doctor would be in shortly. No apology, nothing.

This really irked me.

How did she NOT notice the many notations on my chart that say "twins"? There is no way she could have even looked at it! And how come I got the evil look when I spoke up? It isn't my fault that I had to correct her. But I sure wasn't going to let her leave without hearing both heartbeats!


I hate it when people ask me when I'm due and then look at me with disbelief when I say July.


I really hate it when I do owe up to having twins on the way, and all someone can do is tell me how hard it's going to be.

And let's not even get into the "Are they natural?" question.


I feel better now...

What's annoying you?


  1. Dude. I want to kick your BIL in the nuts. Seriously. Who says stuff like that???

    And the nurse needs to step off. If she messed up, SHE messed up, not you. It's not like you manufactured a second baby just to be mean to her.

    And yes, getting the "look" when I say "June". Cos, yeah. I measure 40 weeks at this point. I know I'm big-- I walk around with it every day. Your bulging eyes do me no favors, people!

    I'm not sure why other parents find the need to try to scare the crap out of new parents, especially people expecting twins. I mean, I'm freaking out enough as it is. But, like everyone else, I'm sure I'll figure it out. If it was really that terrible, the human race would have ceased to exist long ago, right?

    As for what's annoying me, I'm currently feeling quite annoyed that the tiny single serve Ben and Jerry's I just ate isn't twice as large as it is. Because now the little cup is empty, and I'm wishing that I had more. But cruelly, it was the last one in our freezer. Sigh.

  2. What's under my skin:

    When are you having another?
    Are you having another?
    You're not pregnant yet?
    Your sister's baby (she's due in Sept) needs another cousin...
    You really want an only child?
    How old is Dean (husband) again?


  3. Your BIL is an Asshat.

    But that nurse...that is just unacceptable. She should at least GLANCE at your chart before coming in. And if she missed it, it was an honest mistake, just say "sorry" and find the other heartbeat. Is that so hard?

    I would lie to strangers. Tell them you were due last week. Let them tell you how thin you look.

  4. man. your BIL must not eat breakfast or something. you know, the brain fuel he needed...

  5. Ugh. People are idiots. Sorry you had to deal with such stupid comments. People *think* they're being funny, or making conversation, they aren't. They are ignorant and rude.

    Thanks for the reminder though; I'll post some "idiot" comments later this week ;)

  6. Wow, you have had your share of dealing with idiots!

    I think you should tell people they aren't natural, they're aliens!

  7. Isn't it amazing just how insensitive and ignorant people can be??!! No better place to vent than amongst a bunch of women who completely get it! Hope it helped and that you don't have many more run-ins with these type of people.

  8. Oh god. I was at the hospital with F for his MRI yesterday and this FULL ON redneck girl came up to me holding him and said:
    "You're due again?"
    Me: "Yes..."
    She: "How old is he?"
    Me: "12 months."
    She: "When are you due?"
    Me: "September."
    She: (Completely huge pie eyes) "Are you having TWINS??"

    (And for the record, NO I AM NOT.)

    It was a double indictment: You are fat and your kids are going to be close together. Why do people feel like they need to offer their opinion? I know I will die someday and never have the answer to that one. I have been telling nosey asses lately that my husband and I are reproductively challenged and we either have to have sex 2,398,488 times to make one baby, and then once for the next. It make them uncomfortable, and helps me not kill them!

    PS- Thanks for listening to me blow off some irritation too!!!

  9. I'm glad you spoke up to your BIL. What is the matter with people?!

  10. What the hell is the matter with people. You need to get the shirt that says, "I am pregnant with twins. Due in July. And no you cannot touch my belly."

    What is annoying me is the height of selfishness. People who only think they are the only one on this earth.

    Do you need me to come over and kick some ass? I feel like kicking some ass.

    Love ya girl! Many hugs!

  11. I think as a pregnant woman, you could have sat up and slapped the US tech and no one would have thought twice about it. I agree with you. READ THE FRIGGIN CHART!!! It's all in there. I am aggravated for you on that one.

  12. Ppl are assholes across the world. It seems that pretty much EVERYTHING is annoying me right now...


  13. I'm with you on the "are they natural" thing - that makes me absolutely furious!!! I cant' believe the gall that some people have in order to ask some of the things they ask... seriously.

    Keep your chin up - they'll be worth it all!

  14. How utterly rude of your BIL!! If he would not have known the inside story, it would not still have made a right remark.

    And I think that nurse should have apologized. She apparently did not think much of totally ignoring the other baby, nor did she look at your papers well. Bad.

    And to hell with the looks that you get. Pregnant women are beautiful and that's that.