Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Somewhere

Ever feel like no matter what you do things stay the same?

M. and I have been trying to slowly work on projects around the house. We needed to move Miss O. downstairs, to free up her room for the nursery. After kicking it around for about 2 months, we started to finally get some progress done at the beginning of March. She's moving into her old toy room, and we went through the toys after her birthday and started talking about it being her new bedroom.

Over the last 2 weeks, with some help from the in laws and some friends, there is something to show off.

I'm SO excited with how it turned out!

The view from the doorway before....

Play Room 1

The view from the doorway now...

Liv's Big Girl Room 1


Play Room 3


Liv's Big Girl Room 2

One more before...

Play Room 4

And the after...

Liv's Big Girl Room 3

We still need to get some items hung on the walls, but I'm happy to say that Miss O. has been sleeping in her new room since last Saturday night!


Last night was a LONG night.

Poor Miss O. caught a stomach bug.

Let's just say that we were up until the wee hours with a pretty sick little girl.

M. stayed home from work with her today, as we're hoping to save my sick days in case of bed rest. He's such a trooper!

She's much better now, and I think she'll be okay to go to school tomorrow.


Thank you all SO much for the kind words about my belly pic!

You know how to make a girl feel good! :)


  1. I LOVE IT! What a great room! And even greater that's sleeping in it :-)

  2. What an amazing job you guys did!!! It looks so perfect for Miss O. I can't imagine it wasn't quite exhausting to get it done though. We moved when I was 8 months pregnant and I was pooped and I was only carrying 1 baby. :)
    Hoping Miss O feels better soon. That damn bug has been getting a lot of people.


    Purple is my favorite color!

    And I LOVE the picket fence by her bed. I thought about doing that in my big girls' room because it is a garden-theme room but never got around to it. Where did you find yours?! Again, LOVE IT!

  4. Looks more "sophisticated" for her. Too cute!

  5. the colors are so pretty! I bet she just loves it!

  6. Her new room looks great!! Such a sweet room!! I hope she feels better soon-- good on M for staying home with her so you could save your sick days!

  7. What a pefect pretty little girls room!!! Can't wait to see how the nursery comes out!

  8. Hope Miss O is feeling better now.

    Love the room!

  9. Awww it's precious! Hope she likes it and is feeling better soon!

    P.S. Where did you get those super cute ABC letters?

  10. Hi sweetie just catching up :)
    1. Can't believe that about that (excuse me) b*()& of a nurse. She needs to learn more about her job apparently!
    2. Gorgeous belly pic!! YAY :)
    3. Lovely room, so happy you are making progress in that area. It feels so good to get a job out of the way you've needed to do for ages!
    Thanks for your comments and I didn't mind that you were absent for a while-I totally understand :)

  11. It's stunning. Love the colour scheme you chaps have used.