Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please talk me off my ledge...

I'm being entirely unreasonable, but I can't stop crying.

Just got a memo at work that declares that they are changing our insurance carrier as of June 1st.

Okay, not the best timing, but not much I can do about it.

I was fine until I googled the new company to see if my doctor and preferred hospital are covered.

My doctor is. Thank goodness.

The hospital I want to deliver at, where I had Miss O., and the only hospital in town with a Level I NICU is NOT.

Cue the tears.

I will NOT deliver at the other hospital, I can't fathom having my babies, only to have them whisked away ACROSS town to another hospital if they need to go to the NICU. I just can't.

I don't know what to do...


  1. Sometimes the out of network prices aren't that bad. You can ask the insurance company for a summary of how they pay out of network, or call the hospital and ask what they do when some somebody has "XX" insurance.

    Ask your Dr. about it. I've found they usually have VERY STRONG opinions about hospitals. Your Dr. might not even let you deliver at the other hospital.

    Good luck. Dealing with insurance companies sucks. Sometimes it's even worth calling back a few times if you don't get the answer you like... because someone else might tell you something different. That's how messed up they are. :)

  2. I would contact both the new and old insurance companies and see if there's anything they can do so you can deliver at your hospital. My husband's insurance was switched mid-year a few years ago, while he was in the middle of chiropractic treatment. Because it was a "pre-exisiting condition" of sorts, they let him continue treatment and rated it as in-network coverage, until that issue was corrected. They might let you do the same for your hospital. Maybe you can even get your doc on board if he prefers this hospital b/c of the NICU. Good luck!

  3. Im so sorry! Definitely contact someone in HR or go directly to the insurance company--I really hope they will help you out!

  4. Oh my! Yea, I'm worried about having to deliver at the "other" hospital too. But you know, I'm sure whereever we deliver, we'll be taken good care of.

    My insurance is probably going to shoot me though!!! Ohmygosh the bills that they must be getting!

  5. I'm with all the other ladies. Our insurance dropped both my specialist and hospital at one point and I learned that if I was so many weeks along already that I was allowed to remain at the hospital I had intended. I think it was 20 weeks. Worth looking into.

  6. I sure hope you can work this out. I can appreciate your freak out at this situation. Peace . . .

  7. *HUGS*

    If you do talk to insurance people make sure whatever they tell you is in WRITING so they can't renege.

  8. Hey sweetie things in Australia are totally different so all I can do is agree with the other commenters and hope it works out. Awww, this is awful! ((HUGS))

  9. What everyone else said. It's time to start making phone calls. You made decisions based on the policies and carrier in place at the time your "condition" began, so you need to work the angle. Talk to the HR person at work, who might have some suggestions, and talk to your doctor for the same, and then just start badgering. Good luck, honey.

  10. If you talk to the new carrier and explain your situation could they possibly make an exception?

    Thinking of you. I hope it works out so you can deliver where you want.

  11. I know exactly how you feel! I was beside myself and in tears when I couldn't deliver at the hospital I wanted and so I called the insurance company and some bitchy "I don't give a shit" rep told me that she had no advice for me. There are exceptions to be made and it takes a lot of phone calls, but see what you can find out. Somehow luck jumped in and my insurance company signed a new contract with the hospital that I wanted, but that was in my 7th month and when I heard that, I almost fell of the table in the doctors office. See what you can find out before you give up. I know it's tough, but there might be an even better answer out there once you start looking.