Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tests & Renovations

A lot has been going on the last couple of days at Not The Path I Chose...

First of all, I went in Monday morning for my 3 hour glucose test. Happy to say I survived, with minimal discomfort, but no results yet. I'm hoping to hear tomorrow, as it took them 2 days last week to let me know the results.

If you've never experienced it, here's a rundown.

You have to fast before the test, so I was ordered to stop eating and drinking at midnight on Sunday. Monday morning at 8:30, I went into the office where they drew a fasting blood draw, then proceeded to have me drink an even sweeter version of the drink from the one hour test. I had 5 minutes to drink it all...I just tried to chug it. I was hoping for a little bit of water after that, but the lab tech said no. Back to the waiting room I went, waiting for an hour. Then my name was called, and they stuck my other arm for more blood work. Rinse and repeat, I did that 2 more times. The worst point was between hour 2 and 3, when I became super sleepy and a little shaky.

Finally, at about 11:45, I was free to go.

First thing I did was crack open the water bottle I brought and drank it down. Then I quickly consumed the cereal bar I brought, hoping to stave off a headache that was brewing. After getting home, I ate lunch and napped. Overall, it wasn't too bad...fingers crossed that I pass!


We have an old house...I'm a sucker for the character that comes with them, but they do have downfalls.

When we bought our home, it was a 3 bedroom with one full bath. Over the years, we added a 4th bedroom and a full bathroom upstairs, along with repainting and refinishing floors. It's worked out great for us, as the nursery was upstairs with the master bedroom...and one of the bedrooms downstairs became a playroom.

Needless to say, with 2 more babies moving in, Miss O. needs to be relocated.

We've decided to move her downstairs into her play room, and the babies will get her room upstairs. M. is currently downstairs priming the play room, and he's banished me upstairs to our bedroom while he works.

I feel bad, as we've always tackled home improvement jobs as a team but at least I'll be able to catch up on some blog reading!


  1. Fingers crossed for good results from the 3 hour test!

  2. Praying for great results! What is he painting O's room? Pink, right? ;-)

  3. Well, I hope that the results will come out fine.

    How is Miss O feeling about the relocation? I hope she loves her new room!

  4. That 3 hour is horrible. I thought the 1 hour was bad, lol. I really hope you pass.

  5. Hope you pass with flying colors!

    YAY! A new room for Ms. O. I always liked rearranging my room so I am sure a new room is even better!

  6. They wouldn't let you have water???
    That is just cruel. That was what got me through my test.

    Crossed for great news!

  7. Hope you get good news from your test.

  8. Ugh. I'm currently sitting here trying to stave off the headache from my one hour test this morning. I'm already anticipating that I'll fail, but hoping so much that I don't, because I don't know if I could deal with the three hour version of the test. That drink is NASTY! Luckily, they didn't prohibit me from drinking water, at least for this version of the test. I don't think I could go three hours without water.

    We have an old house, too. And yes, the character and charm are great, but renovations do tend to abound. We're still saving the money to finish the master bath renovation we started last summer, but with twins on the way, I'm doubting that it will happen any time soon! So far, we've lost the dining room to become a play room, and the office to become the nursery (and an upstairs guest bedroom to become the new partial office). I don't know whether we'll keep the boys downstairs once they're older, or whether we'll move them upstairs. Not sure yet, but I think once they're older, we will probably reclaim the dining room for it's intended purpose.

    Like you, we usually tackle projects as a team (with me in the lead), but these days, that's just not happening!