Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Losing My Mind...

...quicker by the day.

This morning, I was cleaning off my buffet in my dining room. As I was sorting junk mail from bills, I stumbled across an envelope addressed to Liddy. I was sure I had mailed it out last week...I even told her it was on the way! I don't know how I did that!?!

Then, I needed to go to the BMV this morning and renew my registration for my car. I rushed to pack my lunch, made sure I had the envelope I needed to mail and rushed out the front door.

As I pulled the locked door behind me, I looked down and realized I still had my slippers on!

Back into the house I went, kicked off my slippers and put some shoes on.

This time, I got all the way into my car before I realized I didn't have the paperwork to renew my registrations. UGH. Another trip up the porch steps and back inside the house.

Somehow, even with all the repeat trips, I managed to get to the BMV and the post office without being late for work!

I think I need to start making lists...


  1. Yeah, I'm thinking lists are going to be my way of life for a LONG time! Twin preggo brain seems to be worse than others!

  2. that happens to me a lot when I'm pregnant...

  3. I like to tell everyone that the baby is sucking away my brain cells. Hopefully she is born super smart! I wonder if two babies makes it worse???

  4. Total and complete pregnancy brain!! I had/have it. I think it is starting to improve though. It was very bad in my 7th month. OMG. I even locked myself out of the house and couldn't think of anything that I wanted to say. I would just end up going "Um, um, know."

  5. I do that ALL the time... and I'm not pregnant. Every time I go out the door I have to go back inside to get something I forgot (sometimes it is the diaper bag- cannot leave without THAT!).

  6. Ooh, are you going to put up one of those tickers? It's so hard for me to remember how far along people are and the ticker helps me countdown the days with 'em!

  7. That is so frustrating! Maybe it's because you're a year older. lol! : )

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  9. Um yeah, my pregnancy brain never went away. I think it is a permanent feature now ;)

  10. I got halfway to work this morning before I realized I was still wearing the flipflops I threw on to take the dog outside. The only shoes I had in my office are both uncomfortable and not very attractive. Oops.

    Clearly, you are not alone :)

  11. It's called "mom brain" and unfortunately it sticks around well after you give birth. I have come to terms with it and just found peace knowing I have lost my mind a little but for a very worthy cause. :)

  12. No worries. I have been so swamped at work, I completely forgot that you told me about the card.

    Hope all is well, and that Miss O, Little Miss G, and Little Mister B are all doing fabulous. Oh and M too!

    Many hugs!

  13. Hang in there. How frustrating. I can totally relate! :)

  14. Hey PhotoGrl

    ...Belated Happy Birthday to you! If you can chase me, you can kick me for being late in wishing you! :-)

    ...I am glad that with all those circle stops you did, you were able to accomplish both the tasks, and yes, it looks like you may need to make lists for important tasks!

    ...That cake looks fabulous. You do an ammmmmmaaaazing job! I refuse to compliment you further because bah I never get to taste it! :-p

    ... Yay for a boy and a girl! And for the milestones you are touching! Good show!

    ... Ugh at the 'are they natural' comment. No dudette, they are plastic implants from Peru!

    ... All the best!