Monday, March 15, 2010

21 weeks, 3 days, a little TMI, and Taxes

Last week, even thought I had the big ultrasound, I didn't see the doctor. She had an emergency, so I was rescheduled for today.

Overall, the appointment was pretty routine.

I peed in a cup, the nurse took my weight (up about 7 pounds in the last 5 weeks!) and blood pressure (124 over 82, yay!), and then she found the babies' heartbeats. Then I waited for the doctor to come on in...I had quite a few questions for her this time.

For the last few weeks, I've noticed an increase in discharge from below....enough that I need to wear a panty liner. It's usually clear and doesn't really have a scent, so I wasn't concerned. Last night, though, when I went to the bathroom for the 50th time, I noticed a change in color. Somewhat brown, kinda of like when your period is pretty much done, but you still need to wear something for protection.

I called poor M. in to the bathroom and made him look. Every part of me wanted to cry. My mind started heading to places I haven't been since the first trimester ended. He convinced me that it was ok, we'd watch it, and I could ask about it at my appointment.

So, I did.

And that won me a date with "wanda" for a cervical check.

The good news, my cervix is long and closed at about 3.9 centimeters. Whew!

I have to go back in 2 weeks for another look at the cervix and in 3 weeks, I have my GD test. They sent me home today with a bottle of the lovely fruit punch drink that I'll have to drink about an hour before my appointment.


I want to scream.

M. picked up our taxes today.

I don't know what we're doing wrong but we owe the government AGAIN. We don't make that much. We have a dependent. It doesn't make sense.

This is 3 years in a row, that I've had to pay money, and haven't got a refund. Ugh. All around me, friends with children are talking about their big refunds!?!

It's trivial in the big scheme of things, but I was really hoping for a refund, of some sort, to put towards the babies' nursery.

Eh, I guess I'll have to pay it.


  1. I know how you feel about the refund thing. I thought we'd get a BIG refund. Turns out we OWE. I was shocked. :S

  2. Scary! Glad everything is ok.
    I hear ya on the taxes. Hello - we have a dependent now and we seriously owe like $2200? How the frick is this possible? Ditto on everyone else getting lots of moola back. HOW?

  3. Glad everything looks good!

    I hear you about the taxes. We are getting money back...but it's less than we got last year and this year we can claim a dependent!

    Though I realized that I changed my W4 to have claim 1...which means less money is taken out...must change that back!

  4. So glad your cervix is ok. I had that whole "pain in that area" issue which has since resolved itself, but it definitely made me nervous!
    I'm going in a few weeks for my GD test. Not looking forward to it!

    We got a refund, but not as much as I was hoping for. It is meant to be set aside for when I'm out of work. And of course, BOTH of our cars needed inspections within 3 weeks of one another, and wouldn't you know we've had to shell out about $1100. So hoping to get a LOT of stuff as gifts from our registries!

  5. I'm glad everything turned out being ok! My taxes also sucked this year. Have never owed and thought we would be walking out with nursery money but nooooo. We owed big time. Doesn't make any sense.

  6. One year, my husband's work translated his awful handwriting to mean "5" dependents instead of "2". We owed like $5K!!!

    Since then, we put our status as Married Single, and that seems to work for us...

    Maybe you can get some financial advice on what is the deal...

    Congrats on 21 weeks!

  7. Glad the babies are doing well!!

    Boo for taxes in general... :(

    I can't believe you're already at 21 weeks!!

  8. Taxes suck. Sorry. You should be getting a refund- homeownership and kids and if you have college loan interest, even more so.

    UGH. Tax laws make no sense.

  9. Great to hear all is well with the babies and your cervix is Ok. Sorry about the taxes. It is pretty different here in Australia but generally I always end up with a refund. Can you get a financial advisor or something to figure it out with you? I have not a clue.
    Thinking of you!!
    PS. The word verification will make you smile-dildisms. Is that like, secret code words only dildos can use or what??

  10. That is so weird about the taxes! Do you guys have someone else do your taxes? I know there are free programs online.

    Anyway, discharge is def. one of the grosser norms about pregnancy. Blech! I don't miss that part!

  11. Glad that everything is ok and hope the test for GD goes well!


  12. What a relief that everything is ok!

    Not that I'm a tax guru, but I have a few thoughts. Do either of you have a good person you could talk to about it where you work? Also, you could check out, based on your income, what your tax bracket (and percentage of tax you owe) should be and then calculate what percentage is being taken out. We just did that when DH switched jobs and found a huge difference.


  13. I'm glad the baby is well and the cervix is closed. I also have had a lot of issues with discharge of the brown sort. I guess it happens? I dont know.

    I'm sorry about the tax thing- we're int he SAME boat. Three years in a row too. I don't get it either. I know people who make more than us who get refunds. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong!


  14. Glad to hear everything is ok with you and the twins! I'm in the wait from my 1st IVF now, it's great to hear success stories!

    ICLW #134

  15. I'm with you as well on the discharge boat - it's just a little disconcerting every time you wipe... Gets a bit unnerving. Anyhow, we might as well have a co-op boat b/c we're owing the government as well... another thing that gets a bit unnerving!


  16. Yay for 21 weeks!!!!!