Monday, March 29, 2010

23 Weeks, 3 days...

And Happy Birthday to me! :)

I managed to survive the weekend wedding fun, which is good, but that will have to wait until tomorrow for me to share.

Instead, I wanted to make sure I updated about the babies!

I went in this morning for follow up date with "Wanda". My doctor wanted to double check my cervical length from 2 weeks ago, when I had that small episode of spotting. M. didn't join me today, because I was sure it would be like 2 weeks ago, when they just checked my cervix, didn't even peek at the babies and sent me on my way...

Boy, was I wrong!

The tech took me back and mentioned that she needed to do a quick scan to check their heartbeats, since it had been 3 weeks since my last scan. This ultrasound junkie wasn't going to complain! Instead she scanned me for a half hour....double checking gender, heartbeats, growth. It was such a treat for me!

Here are the stats:
Baby A is still a little girl, with a heartbeat of 144 and weighed in at 1 pound, 2 oz.
She is laying diagonally across my uterus with her head near my cervix, her spine along the left side of me and her feet up by my ribs.

Baby B is definitely a little boy, with a heartbeat of 141, and weighed in 1 pound, 4oz.
He is transverse, up at the tip top of my uterus with his head on the right and his feet by Baby A's.

Their positions explained a lot of where I've been feeling the most movement (my left side!). I still can't tell exactly which baby is moving, but hopefully with time I will be able to.

Life is good. ♥ I am so blessed.


  1. Aw, so awesome. So awesome! Two miracles within you:-)

  2. YAY!!! Happy birthday and happy 23 weeks 3 days! Glad the babes are doing so well!!!

    Double YAY for bonus u/s!

  3. ahaha! Mine are kind of the same, both with feet on my left upper side. There is always a whole lot of action up there!

    I like a doc/tech that likes to use their machine. :)

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Fantastic!! That is great news!

  5. Happy birthday!!

    Yeah, the one time I didn't bring H with me to the appointment, they (of course) did an ultrasound. So at the next appointment, I insisted that he come, and they (of course) didn't do an ultrasound. Grrrr.

    Mine are basically lying the opposite of yours, with A's feet buried in my left hip, head to the right, and with B laying transverse across the top of my uterus with head on the right. Makes for a LOT of weight on my right-- I look seriously lopsided!

  6. Love it! I always get frustrated when I get the un-fun u/s tech, who just is all business and isn't willing to indulge mommy for a bit. You lucked out!

    So how *is* your cervix? I assume all is well, and you would have mentioned it otherwise?

  7. Happy Birthday! What a nice gift to get to see the babies!!

  8. Happy, happy birthday! Glad you got to see the kiddos!

  9. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! :)

    And, Lesley, you're right I forgot to mention the cervix...everything looks good, long and closed at about 3.7 cm!

  10. Well that is some great news especially after your run in at the mall. Glad you got to enjoy them. Just think, before you know it, you won't need a ultrasound to see them. :) YAY! Oh yeah... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I loved being pregnant on my birthday. It was one of my favorite days.

  11. Aww, how sweet. Hey, I only have one in there and he is all over the place!! OMG.

    Happy b-day, it is/was mine too on the 29th.

  12. Happy birthday!! And a bonus birthday u/s -- awesome!

    (PS My word verification is finga -- a late pregnancy relative of Wanda, perhaps?)

  13. Happy Birthday! What a great birthday present :-)

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Come collect a Virtual Easter Basket from my blog!