Friday, March 26, 2010

And The Hits Just Keep Coming...

This morning before work, I ran to the mall.

We have a family wedding to attend, and I needed some pantyhose. Since you can't find maternity pantyhose at your local big box store, I had to make a trip to the dreaded Mother.hood Maternity.

I was on a mission, get the pantyhose, pay and get out. Limited time to make it to work on time.

Of course, they only have ONE pair that would fit me. Thank goodness, it was a black pair. Anyone else wonder why there is always a never ending amount of S and M maternity items??? Who buys a SMALL? Certainly not me. I'm lucky to be a large or x-large type of girl when I'm not pregnant. ;)

Anyway, I grab up the package and proceed to check out. The cashier wants my phone number, then my due date, and then asked what I was having.

I should have just said a baby and left it at that.

Not even thinking, as I was signing the receipt, I casually mentioned that we were having a boy and a girl.

"Oh, twins!", she exclaimed! "You look good for being 5 months along with twins."

She's lucky she paid me the compliment, because if she hadn't I might have socked her in the mouth for the next thing to come out of her trap.

"So, are they NATURAL?", with a knowing look.

I was so shocked that I actually just looked at her, mumbled, "No.", grabbed my bag and left.

I should have told her, "No, they're monkeys" or aliens.

Who does that?

Ok, so just this week, I read that Kate had a similar experience with a nurse, but I hadn't had that one thrown at me yet.

I can deal with the questions of whether twins run in the family...that's easy. I just say neither side, or that we're the first to have twins.

I just can't believe a store clerk in a MATERNITY store had the gall to ask me that.


  1. And the worst part is probably that that clerk in the MATERNITY store asking RUDE ASS questions probably doesn't even have any kids of her own, so where the frick does she get off?

    GAH. The nerves of some people!

  2. Yep. I've only had one person ask me that so far, but I'll bet it becomes a fairly common occurance after they are born.

    People are stupid. Don't they realize that that implies that they are somehow fake?

    I think next time I'm gonna play dumb and ask what they mean. ahahhaa! :) Hopefully that'll put them on the spot and make them feel awkward like they should.

  3. I hate that kind of stuff!

    and, for the record, I never fit into the small stuff either. However, that one size your entire pregnancy isn't my kind of buisness while pregnant, either. I'm smaller in the begining, then just plain ole big at the end. Needing a MUCH longer shirt...

  4. Ungh that's terrible ! Maybe you could call the manager and ask that their clerks do a bit of sensitivity training ? Was she 14 or something ?

  5. One of my best friends has twins and people asked her that all the time. So rude! No, they're silicon life forms.

  6. One of my closest friends is pregnant with boy/girl twins (due the same day as me!) and gets this question all the time!!! What does it matter???! It's amazing how clueless people can be. Sorry you have had a rough couple of days. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  7. F*ck! Pardon me for cursing on *your* blog, but that is just... OUTRAGEOUS! "Yes, monkeys you bitch! They are MONKEYSSSS!!!!"

    I just heard about this "asking-parents-of-twins-if-they-were=IVF-or-not" phenomenon just this week. I would be flaming pissed if it were me... that woman was lucky this was the first time you were asked. I have a feeling if there is a next time that person won't be so fortunate!

  8. I mentioned this same crap-phenomena when I was pregnant with my boys. The best response I got was from Geohde. They're astroturf! Love it!

    Stupidity is everywhere. Someone even asked me today if the boys were natural or were they (in an almost whisper) IVF. Last time I checked, when you do IVF they're not transferring non-carbon lifeforms back.

  9. Try listening to your grandma and a nurse in the NICU talk about the spike in twin occurrences, and having your grandma turn to you and say "well yours are natural." Um yeah, we won't be having those infertility conversations with her anymore. And, um, miss NICU nurse - you of all people shouldn't be having that conversation 2 feet away from my preemie twins!

  10. Wow. I am impressed with the hormones running through you that you didn't sock her in the face... at least with your purse!!! Most people would excuse just about any action of a pregnant woman and that goes double for a woman carrying multiples... natural or not. ;)

  11. Because she thinks she has the right to know working in maternity??? Whatever. Your babies are perfect and how they were conceived is no one's business.

  12. Grrr. Unacceptable. I think I'll start responding to that by saying, "as opposed to...?" and wait for them to explain what they really mean. And if they dare to ask about IVF, I'll just say, "Why do you ask?" Because maybe, MAYBE, there's the slim possibility that they, themselves, are undergoing ART procedures (though I doubt it, since people who are experienced in the realm of fertility crap are rarely that insensitive...) and they're just looking to meet real-life people. But otherwise, I'll just let them know that I think that the question is a little bit personal to discuss with a relative stranger.

    And yes. I think the clerk at a Moth.erhood Matern.ity store once told me that they purposely only put out one or two items in a particular size to encourage you to snatch up the "last" item in your size... and then, they just head into the back and restock your size item after you're gone, so that the next person that comes along can think the same thing. Whatever. I swear, one of the things I'm looking forward to most about this pregnancy is being able to fit into my clothes again (even if most *are* still maternity-- I just mean that I'm really sick of not being able to even find maternity clothes that fit the Belly of Doom, and giving birth will hopefully get me down to a size where I can wear normal maternity clothes again!).

  13. This is oh too similar for me because I think I had that same exact conversation at least a dozen times in my pregnancy!! Some people are so rude but the sad part is that they don't even realize it is rude! Well, I would love to share your success story on my blog! Go to my "calling all success stories" post for the questions. Thanks in advance! I just added your link! Congrats on the twins!

  14. Wow...that is crazy. Who asks that? If someone told me they were expecting twins I wouldn't even think to ask that as a follow up question. Some people...

    ICLW #59

  15. As if they were somehow unnatural?


  16. I think I would have hit her. Or perhaps cried -- not because her question is something to cry over, but because I'm hormonal. What a nosy bitch.