Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apparently, I Am A Tease

Finally, I can sit down and write out my thoughts.

Last weekend started with me participating in a Baby Bargain sale...I didn't just look around, I actually had a table and sold items. It was a nice setup, all baby to 5 year old items, all in one place, for only 5 hours from set up to tear down.

Crazy, no? After all, I am pregnant.

Not to fret, I didn't unload everything baby I have, honest! I did sell my highchair, which I could never find room for in the odd shaped rooms of my old house. I sold a couple of big little ty.kes pieces that the twins would not use for years and were just taking up space. Most of all, I sold a ton of Miss O.'s 3T and 4T clothes. Clothes that were just sitting in bins, after the local consignment shop had taken all they wanted from them.

I managed to make $100 in just over 3 hours!

Best of all, as I walked around the building just before the sale started, my eyes landed on a crib. A crib that matched Miss O.'s crib. Same color, same brand, different model. I couldn't believe it. The sign said $25. I practically sprinted back to my table, and told M. to go take a look. About 10 minutes later, he walked in with part of the crib. He had managed to talk them down $5, so I got the perfect crib for $20!

I'm so happy, because I had really thought I wouldn't end up with another crib until after the twins were born. Now, I'm itching to figure out the nursery decorations.

After the sale, it was time to finish Miss O.'s birthday cake.

She had requested a Tink.erbell theme this year, and wanted marble cake. I ended up doing the bigger layer "triple chocolate fudge" and the smaller one "marble". Both layers were filled with chocolate buttercream.

6th birthday cake

Overall, I thought it turned out cute. I did try a new buttercream recipe and it set up a lot quicker than some of my others. I was disappointed that it cracked quite a bit, but Miss O. was happy.

Finally, if you've made it all the way through this rambling, I'll reward you with my 20 week belly shot.

20 week belly

As for what's baking in there....PJ from "Infertility On The Brain" and K from "Our Box Of Rain" got it right!

We're expecting a GIRL and a BOY!!!!

Both babies looked great on Monday. Baby A, the girl measured 11 oz., up from 5 oz. a month ago. Baby B, is for boy, weighed in at 12 oz, doubling from his last weigh in at 6 oz.

I am SO happy and blessed.


  1. Yay! One of each! (I should have just stuck with my first guess!) Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  2. How fun to have one of each!!!

    YAY for the crib and $100! That ROCKS!

    The cake looks fantastic!!!

  3. Hooray for the money made. Bigger Hooray for the steal of a deal on a matching crib!!!!

    The cake looks amazing and sounds delicious. Drool...

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sooo excited for you! I have a special excitement when people announce boy-girl twins since I have a twin brother, myself, so YAAAAAYYYY!!!

  4. Waahahhehehehhaaaakkk!!! (Lots of screaming!!!)

    I am so excited for you! I bet O. is thrilled!! xoxoxo!!

  5. Congratulations!!! Sounds like a lot of good news. The sale, the crib, the cake, the twins! Hooray.

    The cake is gorgeous. I'm impressed with your skills.

  6. Great news all around! The cake is fab! I am sure Miss O loved it.

    I missed our JBF sale. Too busy!

    Whenever someone is pg with twins, I ALWAYS guess boy/girl and this time I didn't...bummer. No prize for me. :0)

  7. What a great cake! Congrats on one of each, can't wait to hear names :)

  8. Congratulations!! One of my bff's is pregnant and due the same day as me and she is having a boy and a girl too!! That cake is awesome by the way!!

  9. SO excited for you that you got the perfect crib!
    The cake looks awesome, you shouldn't be disappointed at all. It's just gorgeous. I only wish you lived closer to me, then I'd be able to get some help with my terrible baking skills :)
    You are incredibly blessed. One of each. WOW!!! That is such a lovely belly shot. Yay for 20 weeks!

  10. Awwwwwwwwww congrats!!! Do we get to know names?!?!?!?

  11. Congratulations!!! The cake looks yummy ;-) You look great too!

  12. That cakes look fab. You should make one for my birthday too!

    I am so excited for you, M and Miss O. CONGRATS!

    Many hugs and much love!

  13. Yes you are a tease!! :) Congratulations!!!

    and woot woot for the crib and selling O's things!

  14. Well, and you are still left with $80 to snazz on baby bling and all! Wow!

    The Cake is beautiful! Double Wow!

    And a boy and a girl? Triple Wow!!!

    Wonderful news!

  15. The cake looks delish, your belly looks amazing and how wonderful for your pidgeon pair :)


  16. You're lookin' good! Love the deal you got on the crib!

    That cake is so adorable. I bet the birthday girl loved it!

  17. I'm just going to say YIPPEEE!!! for everything in this post!

  18. Yea, I know. 4 days later and I'm just now getting to reading. I stink.

    YAYYYYYYYYYYY! A boy and a girl! Best of both worlds! :)

    Holy cow, a crib for $20!!! Are you kidding? That's fantastic!

    Your belly shot is adorable.

    Happy times, my friend. Happy times.