Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eight, 8, eight...

First, the rules:

1. Mention person who tagged me: Rebecca from A View On My Life
2. Complete list of 8's
3. Tag 8 people

And now the lists:

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Shopping at the Outlets later today.
2. Traveling to Denver in June for a family wedding.
3. Painting my living & dining rooms.
4. The long, lazy days of summer.
5. My upcoming IVF cycle
6. Girl's night out.
7. Heading south in July for vacation.
8. Catching up on my scrapbooking.

8 things I did yesterday

1. Went to the Y to work out.
2. Came home without exercising due to a water main break.
3. Spent 8 hours at work.
4. Picked up Miss O. from daycare.
5. Went to the store with Miss O.
6. Made dinner.
7. Watched a little TV.
8. Played the Wii with Miss O., and M.

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Cook dinner more often.
2. Travel more.
3. Carry a pregnancy to term, again.
4. Figure out how to organize my paperwork.
5. Be happy with the little things.
6. Scrapbook more.
7. Weigh less.
8. Meet some bloggers IRL.

8 shows i watch:

1. Big Bang Theory
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. American Idol
4. Deadliest Catch
5. Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Why? You've got me!)
6. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
7. Deliver Me
8. What Not To Wear

8 favorite fruits:

1. Apples
2. Strawberries
3. Kiwis
4. Peaches
5. Blueberries
6. Watermelon
7. Grapes
8. Oranges

8 places i’d like to travel:

1. Australia
2. London
3. Seattle, WA
4. California
5. Italy
6. Anywhere with a beach
7. Florida
8. Ireland

8 places I have lived:

1. Fairview, PA
2. New Haven, CT
3. Pleasantville, PA
4. Titusville, PA
5. New Wilmington, PA
6. Hubbard, OH
7. Youngstown, OH
8. We'll see....

8 folks i’m tagging:

I'm WAY behind on reading blogs, so I have no idea who has already done this and who hasn't.

So, if you want to do it, go ahead!


Anyone follow the story this week of the mother & daughter kidnapping that turned to be a hoax?

At first, I felt really bad for the husband and worried about them. But yesterday, I ran a national story in my newscast about the mom being returned to Pennsylvania and the reporter had talked to the father. I was SO upset with what he had to say. To paraphrase, he basically claimed that she went crazy because of the hormone shots she took to conceive with IVF!

Are you kidding me???

Their baby is 8 months old. What a cop out. And just more fodder for the the lawmakers to grab a hold of and twist to try to stop fertility treatments in the U.S..

It just made my blood boil.


  1. seattle is gorgeous!!

    omg! i didn't read that part of the story (the ivf gem) ughhh makes me soooo angry! but then again, i don't like the "media" anyway

  2. I have no idea about what story are you referring to...but I guess it was nice that I missed it..

    Oh, my husband loves Deadliest Catch...and I love Watermelons too!

    Nice list there!

  3. Hadn't heard about the story! Yuck! No wonder I don't watch the news.