Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Relay For Life 2009

Liv and Mommy

We had a great time at Relay for Life!

The event ran from 6pm on Friday night, through 6pm Saturday evening. I split our time walking up between the 2 days, so that we could experience different things. After work on Friday, I headed out and picked up Miss O. from daycare. I brought the wagon with me, because I figured Miss O.'s little legs would get tired pretty quick. That was definitely a smart move, as we ended up walking for about 2 hours and she was tired about 3 laps in. It was nice, as we participated in the "team" lap, where everyone as a team walks around for one lap, and then some participants return to their tents, and others keep walking.

The goal is to have someone from each team on the track at all times.

For the last 2 years, our team captain has walked ALL 24 hours, which gives "moms" like me a little more flexibility in walking. He only requires that you walk 1 hour of the 24, but I always try to walk as much as Miss O. will let me!

We returned on Saturday afternoon, with my sister in tow, to walk again. One of the hours was "Dance Around The Track", and they played songs like, "The Electric Slide", you know, songs that have line dance associated with them. Miss O. thought that was great, and was dancing right along with everyone else! This time about an hour and a half in, the rain started. But we were not to be deterred and finished out another two hours before we called it a day.

Big thank yous to everyone who wished us well and donated!


  1. That is amazing! You are very inspiring with all your energy over there. I love that Miss O got to do it with you, and the dancing part sounded so fun!

    Hope you are doing well otherwise. Sending hugs your way. :)


  2. Congratulations on achieving your goal! Great job!

  3. That's great! How nice you and Miss O do this together. Sorry about the rain.

  4. So nice that Miss O got to walk with you. Such a cute pictures.

    Re: Comment on my blog... If you can make it to DC that'd be awesome! That'd be fun. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! HUGS!

  5. Miss O dancing? Nice!

    Hope you keep the fun rolling!


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