Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let's Talk Clutter

I live for the weekend.

The only problem with that? They fly by. Between cleaning up my house, which I really slack on during the week, and whatever I have planned, I never seem to have enough time. Not enough hours in the day, and I end up exhausted come Monday morning.

As the weather warms up, it gets worse. The nicer it is outside, the less I want to stay inside. That's okay, but that means housework gets pushed back even further. I joked with M. this morning that I've been waiting for the house to clean itself for a week now. Obviously, it's not going to clean itself, but wouldn't it be nice if it did?

Sometimes I wish that "" would show up at my door. I'm not that bad, but I sure could use the help! Organization has never been a strong suit of mine. I tend to make piles. And then piles move from room to room. Oh, and paperwork! I can't ever seem to make a dent in that pile. M. is just as guilty, as he never returns things to their proper places. It's taken me almost 7 years to get him to take dirty dishes to the sink!

For as much as I fit a Type A/first child stereotype, this is probably the only part of my personality that doesn't fit. And I just can't seem to figure out why. It frustrates me. I want to not have to worry about unexpected guests stopping by. I would love to be able to invite friends over at the drop of a hat, and not worry about having to clean. I love the feeling I get when I sit in a just cleaned, de-cluttered room...but I can't seem to keep it that way.

Any suggestions on keeping a clean, not just tidy home? Or on organizational skills?


  1. oh, I am right there with you. My house is "mostly" clean, but I struggle with the clutter too.

    The last time I made my bed was three weeks ago when an appraiser came to the house!

    I started my one room a week rule.. and it's the lazy way to do it but it makes me feel semi- in control. Each week I clean and declutter one room or one closet.

    eh, not the best plan... but I can't function beyond that.

    My house WILL be spotless in about a month.. for D's B-Day party. That's the only time EVERYTHING is looking good. lol.

  2. OH YES! I am also the Type A/First Child minus this skill. I would buy a house that cleaned and organized itself. I can't figure out how ot stay on top of it. I also move piles /papers .... Wish I could help

  3. Same thing here. I get crazy and SUPER clean and organize everything...and then it all goes to shit again. Ugh. It's a never ending cycle.

  4. Found you through ICLW. I have secondary infertility too. We just starting testing and getting a game plan with the RE.
    Wishing you luck and "sticky" baby dust!!

  5. I could have written this post... My house is messy not dirty just messy by the end of the week, i do not have time to straighten up all week and do it all weekend along with everything else we have and pray unexpected guests do not stop by... This week I straightened my house Thursday night, b/c my nephew was coming Friday. By sunday night it looked exactly like it looked Thursday, i was so frustrated. Guess what else I am a type A (sort of) personality with eveyrthing in my life except my house and am first born. We are sisters for life!!!!

  6. Oh, man. I am also the first child/Type A-ish kind of person, but I, too, am a pile maker. Which means that it's a real problem that I'm married to someone who is borderline compulsive when it comes to cleanliness.

    'Cos, see? Even if it's piles and they look messy, I do have a system. I know where things are, and when they aren't where I left them, it really throws me off. But the husband has a neurotic need to put things "away" (though I have no idea how he comes up with where "away" should be for various items...), and it drives me CRAZY. I almost wish that I was also married to another messy person (though my house would be insane if that were the case), 'cos dealing with someone constantly nagging me to change my system really gets on my nerves. Grr!