Monday, May 4, 2009

It Still Stings

You would think that after almost 4 years of struggling to conceive #2, that a flip remark from someone who is just an acquaintance could slide off your back.

It doesn't. Sometimes I wonder if it ever will...

Yesterday, we had a wonderful day. It started with a trip out to the local flea market, where M. and I searched for a trellis for Miss O.'s room. We ended up empty handed, when it came to the trellis, but I did manage to get some red peppers and asparagus.

We then headed to see Sesame Street Live. Miss O. enjoyed it, but sadly, I think it was probably the last year we'll see Elmo. About 15 minutes before the end of the show, she leaned over to me and said, "Can we go home now?".

Finally, we rounded out the day with a trip to the local home show. M. and I would like to create a patio in our backyard, and we thought we might get some ideas from the displays. This is where my day hit a speed bump. As we were walking through the aisles, we stopped to say hello to someone who used to work with both of us a few years back. As he looked at Miss O., he was surprised to see how big she had gotten. Then the line I dread the most was said, "Wow, she's so big, you need to start trying for another!"

(insert squealing breaks and uncomfortable silence)

Yeah, I think I muttered something like we were working on it. I just hate that something that was not meant to offend me, bothered me so much. That my whole demeanor was affected by a small remark. I'm embarrassed to say that it took away from my day.

You would think that after all this time, I'd be used to it.


  1. I am so sorry!

    I am laughing that Mis O was not impressed w/ Seaseme Street. How funny

  2. I'm sorry.

    I get the same way. which is why i avoid people :) but thankfully we don't live by many people who would ask.

    we're going to that next year (sesame street live) :)

  3. *HUGS*

    I completely understand your reaction and don't feel sorry for feeling that way. When I had my miscarriages and someone would say something flippantly I almost WANTED to blurt out my recent bad news just to take a stab back at them.

  4. Of course it stings! People do say such insensitive things on occasion, and I am sorry that was one of those days. I never understand why it is okay to comment on that in other's lives!

    I am thinking of you, knowing that things are going in the best direction possible for you right now, and I cannot wait to hear more as your TTC and IVF journey progress!


  5. I hate when a comment like that ruins a day. It's the little things like that which suck the life out of you.

    Hugs to you for a better day!

  6. lots of people have said that to us as well. like you said, its not meant to offend. But, it still hurts. I pretty much always say "yeah, sometime."

  7. This is when you need to educate people. The more educated they are about it, the less these stupid comments will be said. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.