Wednesday, May 6, 2009


To move forward in our TTC journey, I had to undergo a HSG today.

It's the second time I've endured this procedure and frankly, it's not much fun. I started the day with a trip to the Y to work off some nervous energy, and then went into see Dr. Hope for cultures and a mock transfer.

The mock transfer was really easy. Basically they are testing your cervix for how to insert the catheter for the transfer procedure. It didn't really feel any different than my IUI, minus the pressure of the insemination. M. was in there with me, mostly for moral support, and because I like to have an extra set of ears when we talk to the RE.

From there, M. and I went down the street to another medical center for the HSG. Here, M. had to remain in the waiting room, as radiation is involved, so I was on my own. First step was being led to a small dressing room where they told me to strip from the waist down and gave me two paper robes to wear. I put one on in the front and one in the back to feel covered. Boy, are they noisy! Every little movement I made sounded like I was doing jumping jacks. I then had to hold my clothes and go sit in another waiting room with a bunch of other women. All, who I might add, were NOT naked from the waist down. My guess is that they were there for mammograms, as they all had their pants and shoes on, and were wearing nice cloth robes on top.

My name was called relatively quickly, thank goodness, and I was moved into the X-ray room. I had to lay down on the table and Dr. Hope tried to distract me from what he was doing down there with small talk. He did a pretty good job, but I have to be honest, the clamp he placed on my cervix hurt! After the catheter was in place, the radiologist entered the room and pulled the machine over my abdomen to take the pictures. They wheeled a small TV screen over, and I could see the image, while the pushed the dye and took the pictures. The first push of dye filled my uterus and started to go into my tubes. They didn't like what they saw, so Dr. Hope pushed some more dye in again. I was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable, but managed to hold it together. After a few more x-rays, he removed the catheter and told me to lay still. He returned to the room about 5 minutes later and actually showed me the x-ray films. The decision? My right tube is clear, and neither tube looks like it has any fluid in it! The news I wanted to hear!

After he left the room, the nurses asked me to sit up and swing my legs off the table, but not stand up. The one nurse asked me how I felt and I was honest saying, "I feel gross!" They both laughed and said, "Good answer, but are you dizzy?". When I said no, I was allowed to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed again. Oh my goodness, I forgot how sticky the dye is! And thank goodness I remembered to bring my own pads.

Honestly, other than a few cramps here and there this afternoon, I feel okay. M. and I are to call the office in June to come in and set a timeline for our IVF cycle. We're aiming to cycle in August, after we go on vacation.

I'm just SO thankful that we don't have to remove my tube.


  1. I am also glad that your tube was saved....HSG is no fun....

    Hope you feel a bit better soon. Take Care.

  2. Uggh... sorry about the HSG day. Hope you treat yourself later! Glad to know your IVF road is starting smoothly:-)

  3. Great news! That damned HSG was a horrible experience for me (probably since it resulted in me being Tubeless) and I am so glad yours was GREAT! Woo hoo!!!

    I can't believe you get to start so soon! It is truly right around the corner!!

  4. Thank God your tube is safe!

  5. That is fantastic!! Sorry about having to go through another HSG, but that's flippin awesome!!


  6. Yay for the clear HSG! And- wow! August is right around the corner. How exciting!!!

  7. That is the best news I have heard all day Amy! Go you!

  8. YAY!! Glad to hear everything is okay with your tube!

  9. What great news! I know those HSGs are not any funny, but you did get some awesome news, dear! Yippee! I'm cheering for you and hope all your cramping is now gone. Take care!

  10. HSG's are terrible. I'm thrilled that you get to keep your tube! Us girls that only have one need to keep what we have, lol.

  11. I nominated you for a sisterhood award! Visit my blog for more details : )

  12. as much as these tests are a PITA, I am So very very very glad to hear that you do not need to remove your tube!

    I am glad you are feeling ok

  13. Good news on the tube! (How often do you get to use that phrase? Oh, is my TV addiction showing?)

  14. That's great that you get to keep your tube!


  15. Great news on the tube!

    Hope all else is well. :)

    Hugs to you, M, and Miss O.