Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's A New Day

That it is.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my pathetic post last night. I just needed to put it out there, because I wouldn't dare share my disappointment with anyone but M. in real life, you know.

It's just frustrating because they came to me about 10 months ago, all concerned because they had been TTC#2 and hadn't been successful. After three months of trying. 3 freaking months.


M. and I have been STC #2 for almost 4 years now! I hate sounding bitter, but why would you ask me??? Guess I gave them some good assvice, though...and I won't have to hold the baby for a few weeks since they live over 3 hours away. I'll have enough time to mentally prepare for the visit and all the emotions that will go along with it. That's my silver lining.

I'm starting to wonder if it will ever sting less...


In other news, I'm hosting a barbecue at my house tomorrow.

My family kind of volunteered me to host it, and I'm excited. I live about 2 hours from everyone, except my sister, so they don't often come here. Miss O. and I usually travel to be with them, so hosting will be a nice change of pace.

Miss O. and I braved the long lines at the warehouse store to pick up the last few things we needed this morning. Why I didn't go earlier this week is beyond me? Long, long lines filled with grumpy people. Lots of fun.

I should be cleaning up the house, instead of I should probably wrap this up. Haha.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!


  1. Sorry about yesturday, I am pregnant and still get xtremely jealous of people haveing babies, mainly b/c we tried for sooo long. while others have not. You are allowed to feel this way.

    Have fun at the BBQ

  2. I don't think all your IF fears subside until you are holding your own healthy little one. I heard/ read too many stories of early and late loss to relax:-(

    Keep us posted on the IVF:=) Good things will come.

    Enjoy the wknd!

  3. ((HUGS))

    That's awesome about the BBQ, I hope you have a fabulous time!! :)

  4. I am sorry i missed commenting on your last post. It's so hard not to be bitter - It's Ok. I do not think feeling bitter is at all a bad thing. Emotions are emotions and they are part of life. People need to understand that emotions (deamed good or bad) are part of the process of Life.

    What time should we be at the bbq tomorrow? I'mm bring brownies and watermelon ;)

  5. Sorry about you new niece. However much you might like your brother/sister, it is still very hard.

    Hope you're having (had?) a lovely BBQ!


  6. I think we'll always be sensitive to the sting of painful comments. We just learn new ways of coping.

    Hope the BBQ is a smashing success!


  7. It is frustrating being infertile and then approached for advice by people who have been trying to conceive for like a week...
    Kinda makes me want to reach out and touch someone....and hit them with a phone book.

  8. And in response to Hillary:
    I don't think you EVER get over your IF fears. I don't know about you but Husband and I've always wanted a bigger family. Three or four kids. So even if and when we finally get pregnant, we'll have to go through it all again just to have another.
    The trauma, the heartache of loss, and unrealized dreams never goes away. Holding a baby eventually will not make my IF fears go away. It might make it a little easier to accept I might never have more biological children but I will still adopt and so my infertility affects everything.