Monday, June 1, 2009

Day At the Hospital

It's been a long day.

M. and I got up at 6am, to get ourselves and Miss O. ready to leave the house by 7. M. has been struggling with his right knee locking up and aching for the last two months. A couple of weeks ago, a MRI revealed a tear in the knee, so surgery was determined to be needed.

I was worried about how Miss O. would be waiting during the time we would be spending at the hospital...but I didn't really have an option. Last night, I had her pack up her little princess backpack with anything she wanted to take, and I made sure to charge our Nintendo DS. She chose a couple "My Little Pony's", an etch a sketch, pencils, and a Dora work book.

M. was taken back to surgery around 9 and Miss O. and I headed down to the waiting room. I couldn't have asked for Miss O. to behave any better than she did. She sat quietly with me, played the DS for a little bit, worked at writing some words, and played with her toys. She didn't run around, and wasn't noisy at all. Amazing. For over 2 hours she barely made a peep.

We met back up with M. after he was released from recovery, and headed back up to the same day floor. There, we spent about another 2 hours, until he was released. The surgery went really well, and M. is resting comfortably.

I have to head back to work tomorrow, but I know that Miss O. will be Daddy's little helper.

I am so blessed and proud of my little girl.


  1. That's awesome, my 2 yr old loves Dora too. I hope your husband has a speedy recovery!

  2. Nintendo DS is my savior in those types of situation!

    Hope M. feels better soon!

  3. Glad surgery went well for everyone.

    Hope he recovers quickly and feels better.

  4. Glad to hear that the surgery went well! God bless,