Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Frayed

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

This was supposed to be a great week. Starting with my IVF consult and ending with vacation...

I had the IVF consult. (Went really well, I promise to post about it soon!)

I'm still leaving for vacation on Saturday.

It's all the stuff in between that has rocked my world.

To the core.

I've been so mad, and so full of fury that I couldn't even sit down to type. Have you ever been so angry that you shake? It's only happened to be a couple of times in life, but I'm still shaking and it's Thursday.

The incident occurred on Monday.

I'm being vague, but only because I don't know exactly how to put what happened into words.

It will come out, but I'm not sure how.

I'm just so angry and hurt.


  1. Hope it all works out and I if you still need to vent about it that is why we are here to lend support, hang in there Have a fun vacation.

  2. God, I'm so sorry. I hope you're alright sweetie.

  3. I hope you are okay!! ((hugs))

  4. Oh gosh! Hope everything is ok. Do I need to come up there and beat someone up?

  5. Hope it doesn't ruin your vacay. You deserve a good time.

    Thinking of you. If you need to feel better and want to punch someone, I offer up BigP - he is totally pissing me off this week.

  6. ((HUGS)) gah, i usually throw my dh's clothes all over the house. for some reason that calms me down. irrational yes, but calming :)

  7. Thinking of you...I hope everything is ok. Lots of prayers coming your way.

  8. Yes - On Saturday (MT's birthday) After the party, My body/mind were so angry I was just shaking Mad!

  9. Awful! Whatever it was, I am so sorry! Enjoy your much deserved vacation, and relax if you can.

    SO SO SO happy IVF consult went well! Help is on the horizon... you are so close now!!!

  10. Seems intense...

    Hope you vent it out....

    Glad that your IVF consult went well....get ready for your vaccay!

  11. *hug* I'm sorry. I'm with Christina - I'll come up and bitchslap someone if need be.

    We're here if you need to vent.


  12. So sorry that you are having an angry time right now. Hope it works itself out and you are able to enjoy your vacation.

    Looking forward to hearing about your consult.

  13. Hi, I've just come here from Heather's (Big P and Me) and hope I can cheer you with some good news before your getaway.

    I was reading some of your posts, clicked on a photo and ended up in your PhotoBucket. I saw pictures of you doing a triathlon (wow!), and since I've recently started Couch to 5K, decided to register myself for a race -- all because of your gutsiness to do that triathlon (and post the pics!).

    Thanks for the motivation, and hopefully you're feeling a bit less stressed soon.

  14. So sorry about whatever happened :( Thinking of you!

  15. Sorry you're dealing with something so difficult. I hope your vacation will give you some distance and perspective on whatever it is that made you so angry.

    Take care.


  16. Ugh. Shaking mad not good. I'm so sorry.