Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Box

Last Thursday morning, I paced my living room anxiously, praying that Fed Ex would bring my delivery before 9:30, so I could still get to work on time. I kept walking back and forth, looking out the window, hoping to see the big white truck stop out front. The pharmacy had promised me the box would come by 10 am.

The problem?

I have to be at work by 10, and I really didn't want to have to explain that I was late because I was waiting on a big box of fertility medication. That would raise a few eyebrows.

Twenty-five minutes after 9, my wish was granted. The white truck pulled up, the delivery woman jumped out, and brought the big box to my front door. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I'm pretty sure I jumped up and down and let out a squeal!

Here's what the box looked like...

The Box Web

I quickly opened it, to get the folli.stim out and into my refrigerator.
Inside, I found two envelopes and a small cooler.

Open Web

After safely placing my folli.stim in the fridge, I ran out the door and got to work on time.
No one was the wiser.
Later, that evening, M. And I spent some time going through the package and marking off items. I wanted to make sure everything that was ordered was there, and explain some of it to M.
Just a Peek Web

Once it was all laid out, it took up three quarters of my coffee table!

Meds Web

We are ready to roll here at Not The Path I Chose.


  1. Yay! Getting that big box is so exciting!

  2. Yay, yay, yay!!!!!!

    This is it! You are starting so soon! I wish I was closer so I could come give you a hug. You have to promise to update us frequently during the cycle... this is THRILLING!!!!!

    I had to wait in line to get my meds at FEDEX for an hour- there was a snowstorm when they tried to deliver. You lucked out! :)

  3. I remember my first big box of meds! aaah, memories.

    So do you have your schedule yet?

  4. That's awesome! glad they came early!!

  5. It may not be Christmas, but I can sense your anticipation!!! Wish my UPS guy came before 10am... they usually hit us about 4pm.

  6. Ooooh....sweet!

    Happy that you were not late for work, and that you got everything as ordered...

    Good Luck!

  7. It is overwhelming, but jsut take it one day/shot at a time : )

  8. Oh wow! that's a lot of stuff!!! Best of luck!