Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Explaining Part 2

I failed miserably at ICLW this month. *hangs head in shame*

Thank you to all who took the time to check out the digs here at Not The Path I Chose!


Work has kept me away from my blog and from reading others for the last couple of weeks. As much as I wanted to sit down and post, I could not find the time to do so. Adjusting to my new schedule, where I actually spend a little time with my husband has been rough on computer time, too. I'm NOT complaining about that!

Continuing on the post, "Explaining My Title", where I am in my career would also fall into that category.

You see, until last December, I worked as a News Videographer. Yes, I work in "Tee-Vee"! I was the one with the camera on my shoulder, following the reporter around...recording all the video and interviews you would see at home when you watched your local news. I covered whatever I was assigned that day, from council meetings to fires, politics to sports. I did it all. And I loved it. Every day was different and my deadline was 11pm. The next day would start fresh.

Then like most of corporate America, a merger happened. I was told that I would no longer be a News Videographer. Fortunately I still had a job, but it was much different. Instead of being outside the building covering the news, I sat in the newsroom for my eight hours everyday. In a cubicle. Let's just say that I never thought of myself as one to just sit at a desk all day...

For the last eight months I have been going through the motions. I was not enjoying my new job, quite frankly, I felt like a glorified secretary. On the upside, I had a lot of time to surf the web. I stumbled across some IF blogs, and realized I wasn't alone in this journey.

I'm now a news producer. I never thought that after 10 years as a photo, this is what I would be doing. I think I might even like it.

But it was not the path I chose.


  1. congrats on still having a job. I hope you enjoy it

  2. You sound like a survivor. I hate that in a producer.

  3. yeh, your old job sounds like fun and exciting. i am not a desk person-which is odd since i am an attorney.
    i hope you will find at least most of the fulfillment in this position as you did your last.

  4. I hear ya girl. On my 23rd birthday I found myself evaluating my life and wondering what exactly I've accomplished. My life is nothing like the path I would have had it taken... but at the very least, it's been an interesting (if not a challenging) journey.