Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Wedding Stuff...


That's what $70.00 will get you at the craft store these days.

My BFF from college is getting married the first weekend of October. What you see is ribbon, paint, and boxes to make a cardbox. Chocolate, bags, tags, and bottles that will be used to make chocolate dipped pretzels. Four hundred of them...again.

Didn't I already do this this summer? Ha ha, it's my own fault.

And don't tell anyone, but I enjoy it!


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And I returned a comment to Cupcakes & Conundrums


  1. good luck on the wedding favor crafting. I had so much fun doing it for my own wedding!
    Thanks for the warm comments today!
    ICLW rocks!

  2. take it from me...$70. dollars ain't nothing. i wish we could go togehter! though, my check card wouldn't survive.