Monday, September 22, 2008

Admitting To Blogging

I've been wanting to create a custom header for my blog. I thought I could do it myself. After spending about 20 minutes fooling around with it, all I had was a blue rectangle. Hmm. Defeat was imminent.

So, M. is a whiz at Photoshop.

But, by admitting defeat, I had to owe up to the blog. Surprisingly, he didn't laugh too hard. And made me a pretty cool header, too.


My ICLW list for September 22nd:

Isn't it pretty to think so...
The Binky Diaries
Teal Designs
Dreaming of a baby
It is Tuesday, right?

And I returned a comment to Creating New Life: Not As Easy As It Seems


  1. I love the new header - it looks great!

  2. It's hard isn't it. I drive myself crazy every time. Even with the one I had now, it took me ages to get it the way I wanted.

  3. Nice header. At least you can create the blue box in photoshop. I'd still be reading the instructions after 20 minutes. LOL

    Good luck on your ICLW goals.

  4. My husband doesn't get all of the online stuff. He refuses to create a facebook page and twitter forget it. I barely understand the fascination and the's so time consuming!

    The header looks nice.