Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Soon, Grasshopper, Soon

Today was one of those hectic mornings.

I woke up late, but somehow thought that I could still get everything I need done before dropping Miss O. off and getting myself to work. Silly me, I still worked out, showered, got Miss O. up, and put together a meatloaf for dinner. As I threw the meatloaf in the fridge, I glanced at the clock and realized that I should have left the house 10 minutes ago.

Alright. Time to run.

After dropping Miss O. off, I hopped back into the car and looked down at the dash. Crap. The gas light is on, and I have no idea how long it's been on for. I do not have time to stop, but I've got no choice.

Off to the gas station.

As I'm pulling away from the pump, I look over at my driver's side mirror. A small, light green grass hopper is walking along the top of the mirror. I wonder how long it will be able to hang on as I start driving down the street. The grass hopper has now stopped in the middle and is hanging on with four of his (or her) legs, his head is looking forward, peering over the mirror at the road ahead. His two front legs are flailing in the wind, and I can imagine him thinking, "Oh my, what have I gotten myself into!"

Now, that's something I can relate to.

As excited as I am for this upcoming cycle, I'm starting to feel a little out of control. My mind is starting to form doubts, big doubts, about whether I'm making the right decision. Should we really be doing this? I've started to feel like the grass hopper, as everything is starting to go into motion, like I'm just hanging on for dear life, and wondering what I am doing.

Surprisingly, the grass hopper never flew off my mirror. I pulled into a parking spot at work and there he was, still hanging out on the mirror. Walking into work, my mind vaguely remembered the scene in "Mulan", a Disney film, where Mulan was being prepped to meet the matchmaker. I thought that I remembered the grass hopper was given to her for luck.

After a little go.ogling, I found what I was looking for about the grass hopper:

As a Chinese symbol, the grass hopper offers attributes of longevity, happiness, good health, good luck, wealth, abundance, fertility and virtue. In fact, grasshoppers were thought to be fertility symbols; specifically omens of the birth of a son (hence, another reason for its good luck symbol status as sons are considered prized gems within the setting of the family).

Hmmm, didn't know it was a symbol for fertility.

I looked for the grass hopper when I left work, and I'll admit I was a little disappointed when I didn't see it. On the way home M. called me, and we started to talk about his day. As I pulled into the driveway, something caught my eye on my driver's side mirror again. Something light green. The grass hopper was back.

I sure hope that's a sign!


  1. that is awesome about the grasshopper!

  2. What a wonderful sign! I love that you are looking for good omens around you and continuing to find them. I am certain you are on the right path, but it is so hard to know sometimes. I am having lots of strange feelings and it feels so wonderful to see three birds outside, or when my little on picks three flowers for me.

    Sending hugs!

  3. How serendipitous (did I spell that right??)

    I have had similar experiences with ladybugs, but I had no idea about the connection to fertility with grasshoppers! Very cool.

  4. Sweet story! That's one tenacious fertility omen!

  5. This is the kind of sign I want to believe in! I hope it rings true for you :)

  6. Very awesome! I love signs. I especially love when we're open enough and in a place where we allow ourselves to SEE them.

    I hope that grasshopper sticks with you.

  7. Go forward, grasshopper!
    I remember being terrified too-it's not easy. But I'll be here the whoel time. Eeeecccckkkk we're getting so close.

  8. Such a sweet post about the grasshopper...hoping that the future brings nothing but the best!

  9. Aww. That was a great post!

  10. Beautiful! Hope the grasshopper really is on a fertility mission!

  11. Those flurried mornings are cruddy sometimes. But what a lovely sign your grasshopper is. I do hope that his appearance brings you your BFP.