Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up

Monday always comes too quick.

Especially after returning from vacation. The weekend was spent doing all the things you need to do after coming home, unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping. I tried to be relaxed about it, and tried not to feel overwhelmed. Overall, I didn't do too bad. Miss O. had swim lessons on Saturday morning, and we spent the afternoon unpacking and catching up on housework.

That left some time for fun on Sunday.

Our friends received a pop-up camper recently as a gift, and have been camping with their two boys quite a bit. They keep inviting us out with them, but M. and I aren't really sure how our girly-girl would do camping. Yesterday, they called and said they were only camping about a 1/2 hour down the road, and why don't we come on out to visit. So, we packed up a couple of coolers with goodies and headed out. It was really nice to hang out by the campfire, and Miss O. had a blast playing with the boys.

Oddly, the conversation around the campfire turned to our upcoming IVF cycle.

This couple is one of the few of our friends that even know that we are considering this route. There were some jokes related to J&K+8, but mostly, they asked genuine, honest questions. I was really surprised at how many times M. started answering before I could. I didn't realize how much he had listened to me!

It was a great evening that came to an end much to quickly. M. and I were shocked at how much fun Miss O. had. She didn't complain once about the bugs, getting dirty, and loved having s'mores.

I'm pretty sure I see a tent in our future.


  1. oh how fun! i'm glad you guys decided to try it out! My daughter's favorite part was plain marshmallows :) And that's awesome that your dh knows what is going on. I wonder how much my dh knows about what's going on... :)

  2. Sounds like it was a great night!!!

  3. FUN! It is so great to have friends who you can share about your cycle with openly, who ask questions so they can understand and support you more. Those are the friends to stick by while you go through this!

    Big hugs!

  4. Sounds like a successful camping trip! I wish I could convince H to give it a try (even cabin-camping would be fine), but he is NOT interested. Sigh.

    Yes, the let-down/recovery from a vacation is sometimes the worst part. I'm still trying to get through that phase myself...