Sunday, July 19, 2009

Patiently Waiting

Yeah, right.

The last 5 days have been tough, although fun. I've been trying to affectionately call it, "girl time".

M. unexpectedly had to go out of town for work last Wednesday. He found out on Tuesday afternoon. Not much time to prepare. We quickly packed him up Tuesday night, after calling our childcare to change Miss O.'s schedule for the rest of the week. M. has gone out of town before, but usually with a lot of notice and never for more than 3 days.

Boy, am I ready for him to come home.

Miss O. and I are hanging out, and we've done some fun things over the last few days. I won't lie, though, I'm exhausted. Between working all day, entertaining Miss O. in the evenings, cooking, cleaning, and keeping the house running, I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

We're both hoping that this trip ends up being fruitful.

There is an opportunity for M. to receive a big promotion. Big enough that I could possibly stop working full time OR working at all. Considering the company I work for just filed bankruptcy this week, the timing could not be better.

Fingers crossed.


  1. That has to be tough. I know I get so tired when my dh is out of town and I have to do everything...gah.

    I hope he gets the promotion!!! Sorry to hear that about your job...ugh..

  2. Being apart stinks...being apart and doing everything yourself makes it stink even more...hopefully it's completely worth it and your DH get's the promotion :-)

  3. It is SO tiring to be alone when the spouse is gone, I agree. I hope that your hubby gets this promotion with all my heart, and you are free to work part time or not at all... fingers crossed for you!!!


  4. Aww good luck with dh's promotion. I bet it'd feel good to take a break and not work full-time (when it happens, let me know how it feels because I'm dying to know ;))

  5. It is hard when they are gone. Sorry about the bankruptcy--but omg it would be awesome for you to have have a choice or to work or stay home.

  6. Ooooh! I hope hubby dear gets the promotion!

    Good Luck tiding the apart time!

  7. I try to convince myself in those moments of exhaustion that my ability to handle things myself (even if not gracefully or with anything resembling skill) is a sign of my true awesomeness. So, seriously, you are surviving. And that is a sign that you are awesome.

    I hope the trip proves fruitful, giving you good options regarding your own work status (especially given the bankruptcy situation).

  8. I hope the good news comes soon!

    ICLW #53

  9. Oooh...good luck. Hoping and praying your dh gets that promotion.


  10. I'm hoping and praying that hubby gets the promotion. Good luck!! ((HUGS))


    ICLW (#12)

  11. It's rough when the husband is out of town. I imagine it's even harder when you have to essentially single-parent for those days.

    Here's to hoping that the promotion goes through!