Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Christmas, New Year's and all holiday gatherings are FINALLY over.

Don't get me wrong, I love family and family gatherings...but this year, with Christmas and New Year's falling on a Thursday, it's just been really tiring. I've had both days off (for the 1st time in years!), yet I've had to work on Friday the day after both. This means to see my family, we've traveled 2 hours by car to and from in one day. It's not a bad trip, but I'm exhausted after spending 4 hours on 3 separate days over the course of ONE week, because we couldn't stay over because of MY work schedule.

Even tonight, I got off work, we had to go M.'s parents to do Christmas one more time with his brother and sister in law. Whew.

I have SO many posts running through my head. I have a "wrapping" up 2008 post, and a what I hope for in 2009 post. Hopefully, I can knock them out tomorrow. I'm ready to just sit at home and do what I want to do...which is catch up on every one's blogs and find out what you all have been doing for the holidays!

So, what was your favorite part of the holidays this year? Or did you just feel overwhelmed, like me?


  1. My favorite part is that it's all over ..Oh wait, does that count?

    I hope yours is over soon

  2. This was the first year in a looong time that Christmas was relaxing.

    So I can't complain ...yet! lol

  3. Our usual Christmas is messed up with shift work, but this is the first Christmas (in our marriage) that we've had two weeks off due to the change in jobs my husband made. I love to travel, but it really is hard on the little ones, and thus it wears on us.

  4. Our holiday was crazy as usual, but I still LOVE this time of year. I'm all about family get-togethers, so even though it IS crazy, it all makes me happy.

  5. Happy New Year!

    I have to agree that this holiday was really tiring. I took a nap on Christmas at my inlaws, I felt so rude about it.

    My favorite part had to be when my cousin (age 10) saw me open a box of chocolate covered almonds. Shouted: "Regift." I looked at her in shock, her response, "I learned all about food allergies in school last week and those are tree nuts so you cannot have them."