Sunday, February 1, 2009

Show & Tell

25 Random Things about me...


1. I was a Pre-med major for over 2 years.

2. I love the color brown. For everything. Paint, clothes, makeup, everything.

3. My husband was once an intern at the TV station...that's how we met ;)

4. I completed a sprint triathlon last summer. Loved it!

5. Scrap booking is something I enjoy doing, but rarely find time to do.

6. My friends like to tease me by calling me "Martha"...

7. I made Miss O's 1st birthday cake. It was in the shape of Winnie the Pooh. Unfortunately, I also chopped an onion and had it in the fridge with the cake. It tasted like onions.

8. There is a town called Pleasantville in PA. I grew up there. My cousin still lives there.

9. I have worked in TV news for 11 years.

10. Secondary infertility sucks. I've been trying to have a 2nd child since 2005.

11. Photography is a passion for me.

12. I can make my own chapstick. (See #6)

13. Coffee. I always have a cup in my hand. Enough said.

14. M. and I have traveled to Punta Cana, Mexico, and Jamaica together.

15. I have flown UPS. As in "What can brown do for you?", UPS.

16. Jeans are a staple of my wardrobe.

17. My favorite meal to eat out is breakfast.

18. I can waste hours in a craft store...and have done just that.

19. I miss old friends, and am trying to make 2009 the year I reconnect.

20. My daughter will be 5 in can that be possible?

21. Biggest pet peeve? Liars. Just don't lie to me.

22. I wish my daughter would have met her Grandma Karen. I can only hope to be as wonderful mom as my Mom was to me and my sis!

23. Favorite moment of the day is when I walk in the door, and my daughter comes running to me!

24. I drive a Saturn's the first car I ever bought new.

25. My ears are double pierced.


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  1. i see why they call you Martha!

    So is pleasentville like the movie?

    I also need 2009 to be my re-connet yr. I need to re-connect with so many things

  2. Homemade chapstick -- awesome! You can scent it however you want, Martha.

    Awesome on the triathlon, too. Is your middle name Marian?*

    *before she was dethroned due to steroids.

  3. Hehehe...a few of my friends tease me and call me Martha too.

    And, you are right, SIF sucks big time.

  4. It's a Martha club! I have a mug that my friend gave to me that says "Just call me Martha". Maybe we should make the mug a club badge of honour. lol.

    And yes, breakfast out is always awesome! Except for pancakes... I hate the batters most places use and prefer to make them at home.

  5. Wow. We have a lot in common. I could have written that list - except all the crafty stuff - definitely NOT me.

    Let me just say I so understand your #10. Although I also had primary IF, the way I was treated by others for my secondary (well, tertiary) was really really reall HARD to deal with. Really hard. ~hugs~

  6. When you fly UPS do they make you wear brown shorts?

  7. Pleasantville is very tiny...but not much like the movie.

    Haha! I think the Martha Mug should be a badge of honor!

    And no, my middle name isn't Marian...I barely finished it, but I did do it!

    Oh, and no brown shorts when you fly UPS.

  8. You make your own chapstick?! I would save SO much money if I made my own! I am addicted to that stuff! Coffee is a MUST for me, too. Good for you for completing a triathlon. That's great! Thank you for sharing!
    HA, my verification word is "stick" lol

  9. It was fun reading about you. I was smiling at the birthday cake blooper! You can make your own chapstick and run a marathon! Wowwies! Do you maintain a photo blog as well?

  10. I love reading these! I've learned so many fun facts about people I've known for years, so this was a real treat--now I *feel* like I've known you for years. I'm also crazy about the color brown. We painted our bedroom in the first house we purchased as a married couple a deep chocolate brown, which I thought was cozy & wonderful. When we decided to rent the house out upon moving to Germany a year later, our renters said it looked like a cave! Hmmmmph! So what does it take to get on next year's holiday gift-giving list for some of that homemade chapstick?

  11. "My favorite meal to eat out is breakfast." ME TOO! I love ordering a big, fattening breakfast and having the yolk of the egg run into the greasy hashbrowns. Yum!

    Gossips rank right up their with liars in my book.