Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling Inadequate

It's been a rough couple of days here...

Miss O. is sick. It started Sunday as a belly ache and a fever. Monday brought fever and the sniffles.

This morning was really rough. She didn't want to get up and felt really warm. When I took her temperature, it was around 102 degrees. Her little face looked up at me and she looked so sad. There was no way I could take her to daycare, and I had to go to work. M. had already left for work, so I called him in a panic. "What do I do?", I said, "It's too late for me to call off." Luckily, M.'s dad is retired and he was willing to take Miss O until M. could leave work.

These are the days when I really question being a working mom. She wasn't that sick, but feeling bad enough that she just wanted her Mommy...and I couldn't be there. All day I kept thinking about her and thinking I should be home with her. Ugh. What you going to do?

When I came home, the tyl.enol had kicked in and a day of rest must have helped, as she seemed much perkier and happy.

Until tonight. She came out from her playroom and said, "My ear hurts." Now I'm concerned. Miss O. has never mentioned an earache. Ever.

I hope that she feels better tomorrow.


  1. I hope she feels better in the morning. Poor girl :(

    i know i feel so helpless when my daughter is sick

  2. I've had SO MANY of those same days. You just do what you can... no one is perfect.

    Keep on top of that ear thing. It can swing out of control fast. The first time D had an earache, I waited and it turned out it was a full-blown ear infection. I felt terrible.