Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hanging On


I think I can take a minute and catch my breath now...maybe even complete a post.

The last few days have been stressful. Between Aunt Flo showing up unwanted; to starting a new shift AND new job duties, I'm barely keeping my head above water. I know that within a week I'll be much more comfortable in my new position, leading me to feel more confident and secure.

So far, I am LOVING my new hours. For ten and a half years, over a decade of my life, I have worked some form of afternoon turn...3p-11p, 2p-10p, even 1p-9p. I have only eaten meals with my husband on Sunday nights. I've never really been a part of Miss O.'s bedtime routine. I am now working 10a-6p. Woo-hoo! I have a "normal" person's schedule. We ate dinner as a family at the dining room table (what a concept!) for the last two nights. Miss O. was a little confused the first night, "Mommy, why are we eating at the table?" Talk about feeling guilty!?!

I feel good about these changes. I think it's the right thing at the right time for our little family. I just hope this good feeling sticks around for a little bit!


  1. Let's hope that more quality family time leads to more family members. Stress can make a huge impact on infertility. I've been struggling with secondary infertility for six years and the one thing I haven't tried is reducing my overall stress in life. Good luck.

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  2. Coming over from ICLW...

    Hope things calm down soon. Good luck.

  3. Hope your life calms down a bit soon. Enjoy the extra family time.

  4. YAAAY for the new hours! I hated working evenings. You feel like a real person when you have evenings off with your hubby :) Enjoy dinners with the little one :)