Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clean Up

My little sister is successfully on her honeymoon and the wedding is over.

Cleaning up has begun in my house, as I try to reclaim my life. Last week, I spent the first few days dipping pretzel rods in chocolate, for her favors. 400 pretzels later, this is what we had.


I then spent the next two days baking around 25 dozen cookies.


Like a good sister would, I took care of all the little details.


The reception hall was beautiful. The weather cooperated. The dress was perfect.

the dress

All in all, a good time was had.


And I somehow made it through the day without being asked if I was going to have more kids!


I think I'm in the 2WW again.

My temperature tomorrow should give me an ovulation date of either cycle day (CD) 16 or 17...that's a little later than the last couple of months, but not too bad.

At my acupuncture appointment today, I had the feeling that she wasn't happy with my chart this month. And she said that I was cold. Hmm...maybe it's because she was out of town last week, so it's been two weeks from my last appointment.

I really, really, really want this to be our month. I want to see those two pink lines. If not, it will be 36 months since M. and I started TTC #2.

I have to hold on to hope, because it's all I have.


  1. what a beautiful wedding! 36 cycles is just too long. too freakin' long.

  2. Ooh I hope it's your month.

    That wedding looked beautiful. That's a lot of work you did! Wow.

  3. Wow, girl. 36 months is a long time. I'm really hoping this is your month. :)