Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Leak

I was sitting at work last night, with about two hours left to go in my shift when my cell phone rang. It was my husband and he sounded panicked.


Photogrl: "Hello..."
M: "Hey, are you real busy right now?"
Photogrl: "Not really, why?"
M: "Can you come home?"
Photogrl: "Right now? What's wrong?"
M: "Well, I was doing some laundry...Uh, the basement is flooded."


Apparently, after M. put a load of laundry in, the water hose that runs water to the washing machine decided to spring a leak. Not a little, slow dripping leak...a high pressure, soak anything within 100 feet around it leak!

Now, I have to give my husband kudos for doing laundry, and I know there was no way that he could have predicted that the water hose was going to blow, but he freaked out. He seriously expected me to come home from work immediately to help him clean up the mess. I had to explain that the washing machine breaking did NOT justify me leaving work. Basically, I had to walk him through his options...load Miss O. in the car, go to the hardware store, and fix the hose.

Luckily, when I got home at 11:30 last night, the washing machine was up and running again. M. had the shop vac out and was standing in the middle of the flood, looking lost. I looked around and there was water everywhere, including dripping from the heat ducts! I sent M. upstairs for towels, so that I could start wiping stuff down...what does he bring back? Baby towels and cloth diapers. I have a drawer in the hallway, full of Miss O.'s baby towels, washcloths, and even bibs. I just can't seem to pack them away...I think because that would mean that I lost all hope of every having another baby to use them on. So, I'm now surrounded by dripping water, bawling about the fact that I'm still the mother of an only child...great. I think my husband thought I had lost it.

Once I recovered, the cleanup really went pretty fast. My golf clubs had to be individually wiped down, my golf shoes had to be dumped out into the sink, and all the laundry waiting to be done was soaked. Of course, M.'s golf clubs were not wet, because he has been out golfing already this year. After emptying the shop vac twice, and almost 5 loads of laundry later, we are almost entirely dry.

I'm thankful that it only took $20 to fix the washer, and that none of my scrapbooking things were damaged. Whew. It's always something.


  1. I had to giggle at: what does he bring back? cuz it's the exact tone I'd use on my DH.

    Good to know that your scrapbooking stuff weren't destroyed!

  2. Hi, I'm here via Lost and Found. Sorry about your basement!

    Glad the golf shoes could be rescued :)

  3. Came here from L&F too. Welcome! (Oh, and sorry about your basement!)