Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling Love...

So, I'm totally loving my first experience with ICLW. As a new blogger, it has been great to get comments, but more importantly I'm finding new blogs to read!

I have to say that I'm am so thankful to a certain someone for tipping me off to finding Stirrup Queens...I'm amazed at every one's strength as we all deal with what life has handed us. I feel very lucky to have found you all!

I've noticed that some people are keeping track of where they've been...I like that idea. Without further ado, here's my list so far!

Three of a Kind Working on a Full House... (neonatal loss, secondary infertility, parenting)
BagMomma (parenting, secondary infertility, RPL)
Where Is That Special Water (secondary infertility, kids, random crap)
Dreams Come True...Sometimes (life, photography, TTC)
Isn't it Pretty to Think So? (stuff, fertility/RPL issues, IVF)
My Life on the Fertility D-List (miscarriage, IVF, life)
Fractured Rainbows (infertility, pcos, life)
Alicia (infertility, adoption, shoes)
The Unfair Struggle (infertility, male-factor, life)
It's Not the End of the World (infertility, rampant emotions, life)
Ramblings by Reba (marriage, life, photography)
Let's Generate (motherhood, miscarriage, secondary infertility)
Soliloquies of Tash (everything and nothing!)
Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks (personal, parenting, sarcasm)
The Saga of Becoming Fruitful (infertility, finances, cost)
Conceive This! (TTC, life, cynicism)
Operation Life (surrogacy, healthy living, weight loss)
That's My Answer (question of the day, would you rather questions, fill in the blank)


  1. Hey! I started out writing down all the places I was commenting because I love it when I see the lists and then things started moving to quickly and...sniff. It got lost in the shuffle. I'm glad you're liking IComLeavWe and I hope you do it again next month.

  2. Hi, over from ICLW,

    I too love ICLW. I am 15 blogs away from iron commenter status. These marathons have changed my blogging habits for the better.

  3. Hi over from ICLW,

    I love ICLW, it's definitely given me a chance to gain some insight to other people's stories, and bring any hope if I can.

    Congrats on finishing the Triathlon! =)

  4. I love that you just did your first triathlon! I did three of them last year, before my first m/c, when my RE swore me off of all exercise. It has been hard because they are addictive! You may find yourself signed up for another one very soon... :)

  5. ICLW is great. I've also found a bunch of great new blogs to read.

  6. I *must* keep track of where I've commented or I just get horribly lost and confused.

    Congrats on the triathlon by the way, you were amazing.

  7. I was busy last week so I am doing my ICLW today!!!

    I just NCLM and I love ICLW.

    I got to meet great friends!


    Here from ICLW.

  8. It's my first experience with anything like this as well and I have loved it too. I do wish I would have kept track of where I visited. Though I did add a few new blogs to my google reader.