Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thoughts Written Out Loud

It's one of those days, where my brain is just full, yet I can't compose a normal blog post....

~ M. is out of town and isn't returning until tomorrow night. I miss him.

~ I met with my BF from college on Monday and had was really nice to catch up!

~ Thank you to EVERYONE for your suggestions to my last post...this is why I love this community SO much!

~ Bab.ies R Us is having a great sale for people like me, I traded in Miss O.'s car seat that was almost 6 years old and got 25% off a new one. I happened to find one on clearance and STILL got the 25% off! Sweet!

~ I've been having these weird feelings in my abdomen...not painful, but more like a quick pull or tug from the inside??? Especially if I take a big breath in or twist to one side.

~ We're heading down South to visit some family in VA this weekend. Yay!

~ My laptop refuses to copy from photo.bucket and paste into blog.ger. What is up with THAT?

~ Burning up vacation days at work is nice, but I know I'm going to dread working 5 days a week again real soon.

~ Anything tangy or sour is what I want to eat. The other night I ate 2 helpings of 3 bean salad for a snack before bed! At least it has protein in it, right?

~ I'm struggling with my identity as a blogger. I think my lack of posting is stemming from worrying about offending someone now that I'm pregnant. I need to let this go.

~ Pumpkin pie rocks.

~ I'm convinced the post office hates me. Here's a picture of 2 pieces of mail I received this month. One was my certificate of coverage for my health care. It arrived in 3 pieces. The other a Christmas card from a fellow braces buncher. I'm sorry to say that only the envelope arrived, no card.
~ It was 27 degrees out today, compared to last week, I felt like I didn't need my coat!

So, that's what's rattling around in my mind...


  1. ((HUG))

    lol about the mail! that is crazy!

    i hear you on the blogger identity. i feel like since i'm not doing treatment i shouldn't talk about IF, but then again I have my daughter, but i don't want to offend anyone if i talk about her too much.

  2. OMG...just look at the mail....never knew that sort of thing happened in the US as well.

    I left a comment on your previous post...I hope it will help too.

    Have fun meeting your family...

  3. that mail is horrible!

    as for blogging, i had the same feelings when I got pregnant and stayed that way. but, I, for one, still care about what's going on with you! :)

  4. This is your bloggy! Do what you wanna do! If people don't like it, they can CLICK AWAY FROM THE BLOG.

    P.S. Your post office SUCKS!

  5. Isn't the post office wonderful?! I had a postal worker hang up on me over Christmas.

    As others said, this is your blog...keep blogging for YOU!

  6. Hey babe
    Yes, the 3-bean salad is fine. If you're not sure what to eat/if it's safe, please Google it! Don't stress the little things :) I hope you're doing great, you sound alright. I haven't ever had pumpkin pie, I would love to taste it! Hope the transition back to work is OK :)

  7. hi. found your blog via Kate. :) just wanted to welcome you to the twin ladiez club! :) from a fellow midwesterner, IFer, and twin mom!

    i get mail that looks like that all of the time. i'm convinced that the mailman hates my guts b/c of all of the crap that he had to walk to the door (our mailbox is on the street) when i was pregnant or right after the babies were born. i'm sure we slowed down his route!! lol!

  8. I cannot have children biologically. (long story of course) though I come here and read and Pray for your journey to be safe and have a beautiful duo when they are baked. Please keep writing. xoxo, kandi

  9. love the random thoughts.. sometimes you just can't form everything into a nice littel blog post.. i like the random thoughts.

    you just blog about whatever you want. i think it gives some fertiles hope.. but also, there is plenty that us post-IF'ers are going through that needs to be shared, too.. so just BLOG!

  10. Mmm. Sour stuff! I crave it, too. Yes, yes- protein in bean salad- sounds right to me!

    It does get a little harder to post after pregnancy when you've dealt with infertility. Still figuring out that one myself...

    And yes. Pumpkin pie does rock, and clearly, your postal service hates you.