Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Multiple Musings

It's only Tuesday, but it's been quite the week already.

This week will be the first time in 6 weeks that I'll work all 5 days. I brought it on myself, I had vacation time that if I didn't use by February 15th, I would lose it. So, I've been taking Monday's off, and a random day here or there. It's been wonderful, but I think I'm a little spoiled now.

Yesterday was a crazy day at work. The kind I like. A big story broke in our town, and after a bunch of phone calls, I had a great interview segment lined up with some of the key players to help expand our coverage.

The Governor, a congressman, and two neighboring mayors agreed to talk live on my newscast.

It was great, until they wouldn't stop talking. Each newscast I have a certain amount of time for news, the rest is taken up with commercials, weather, and sports. For example, in my HOUR long newscast, I really only fill about 18 minutes of that hour.

And you just can't tell the governor to stop talking.

It was a LONG stressful hour, and I had to make some really quick decisions in the control booth on what stories were still going to air, and which were not, but over all it was awesome. I felt like I was alive, although exhausted by the time I hit the door to leave.

After work, I picked up M. and Miss O. and headed to the car dealership. I gave in. We officially own a mini van now. I know it's a mental hurdle I need to let go, but my 21 year old self swore I would NEVER drive a mini van. Period. With 2 infants on the way, and Miss O. to drive around, it's the logical solution. I know that. We needed something that allowed Miss O. to get into and buckle up without my assistance. Our new Sat.urn Re.lay 3 with captain chairs will do just that. It's just going to take some time for me to get used to it.

Even more than the mini van, I'm struggling with clothes right now.

I know, listen to the pregnant woman whine, "Oh, woe is me, I finally got what I wanted and now I can't wear any clothes." It's stupid, I know, but since I refuse to walk around unclothed, it's a problem.

My old maternity clothes are 6 years old, and have been passed around to 3 different friends over the years. I went through them at about 12 weeks, and weeded out the worn out, stained, and dated pieces. Sadly, that left me with one pair of jeans.

So, I invested in 2 pairs of jeans from mat.ern.ity.

I hate them! The "secret" panel? It's like pantyhose, all the way around the top of the jeans...comfy, yes BUT they fall or roll down all the time. I'm constantly hitching up my pants, my shirts feel too short, because the dang panel is showing as they slip down.

"Secret" my a$s.

I don't know what to do!?! All I know is I don't want to spend money on new pants, but it's quickly becoming apparent that I need to. What are you other lovely expecting twin mommies wearing? Am I going to be stuck wearing yoga pants for the next 4 months?

I can't be the only one with this problem, can I?


  1. Welcome back to the 5 day work week!

    The Governor! How special you are!

    NOOOOO!!!!! Nor a MINI van!! Gah!

    I love those secret panty hose pants. I had them in khaki and they were my fav work pants.

  2. I hate those damn secret fit jeans also! I could stretch that damn panal over my head and it would still roll down as I walk. In general, I'm not a fan of the maternity pant. I wear my yoga pants a bunch at home, but I'm really kind of tired of them.

    I love my round belly except the bottom of it is kind of flabby. Maternity pants hide that well - one good thing about them at least. I showed my husband my roll of belly shots so far, and he was all, "obsess much?", and yes, yes I am obsessed because I know this is the only time I'll have this belly!

  3. Congrats on the new car. I hope you grow to love it.

    Clothes are tough. I finally broke down and ordered some jeans online, naively thinking that I could get by with regular shirts for a few months. Wrong. I'm now impatiently waiting for my shirts from the Gap to arrive. Hope they fit.

  4. I'm trying to transition into a 4 day work week but it isn't taking.... :)

  5. Oh man I loved my Motherhood Maternity jeans. They had the nude colored panel that was pantyhose-like but mine never rolled down. Perhaps your belly will fill it out soon and it won't do that anymore!

    Old Navy has the BEST maternity tops. They're LONG!!! Check out their maternity clearance from time-to-time online. I can usually get about 8 tops for $100 if I get a hold of one of their sales at just the right time!

  6. I have had the most luck with Old Navy and Gap maternity stuff. I too have those Secret Panel jeans, and OMG do they fall off of my ass too!

    My favorites are the ON jeans with the full panel. The stretchy part is nice and soft but it has an elastic band at the top that prevents them from sliding down. :)

  7. Sorry I can't really add to this either cos I don't have Motherhood maternity here! But I hope you get it sorted out soon and you find something that you like which also fits.

  8. The secret fit belly never actually fit me, not even on the day I was induced. Not before, not after. I got a couple of pairs of jeans from Kohls (still by motherhood, but with a different half-panel waist) and wore mostly dresses to work--a few nice stretchy ones from motherhood (there's an outlet near us) and combined them with different sweaters to change things up a little. I also had two pairs of black pants from Target (I had to hem them about 8 inches, but they worked). I actually had a harder time with shirts--why is it so hard to find maternity shirts that aren't skin tight?

    Now I'm in the limbo phase--almost 4 weeks postpartum, all the maternity clothes are way too big, but the real world clothes are the wrong shape. I miss the excuse to wear elastic waists all the time! Bravo on the minivan--I think I'm going there when my lease is up, because if G ever wants to bring a friend home from school, we're full.

  9. Ah, your job sounds like fun! Actually, you make your job sound fun-- you clearly enjoy what you do so much!

    As for the clothes thing, welcome to being a twin pregnant lady. You have to start wearing maternity clothes sooner, but they don't fit quite right yet. For a while, my solution was to wear a pair of Liz Lange jeans with the panel tucked all the way up under my bra (classy...), but I've gotten too big for that now. As you get bigger, the panel may start to work better for you (it's *better* now with me, but they still fall down...), but if not, it may work for you to do what I do, which is to add the additional support of a BellyBand. I bought two when they were on clearance at Target and I wish I'd bought more. They're about $16 each at Target regular price, but I wear one every. single. day. It has made it so that I haven't had to buy any work clothes (since I'm only working temporarily and I have a couple of pairs of old pants still in my closet from when I was heavier), and they keep my jeans from falling down.

    They are a PAIN IN THE ASS when you use the restroom, because you have to reconfigure everything each time you pull your pants up or down, BUT it keeps you from constantly tugging at the stretchy band on the top of the maternity pants.

    I also have a pair of under-belly maternity jeans, and I can't wear those at ALL because Baby A sits so low that the waistband digs into my belly, and he spends all day kicking or pushing at it when I wear them.

    Currently, my favorite pair of maternity pants is from JC Penny- they're not *as* stretchy as other maternity jeans, the panel isn't as long, but without a BellyBand, I can't wear them at all because they TOTALL fall down. But they're a slimmer cut than the other maternity jeans I have, which I appreciate, because while my belly may be gargantuan, it's nice to know that my legs and butt still look rockin' in a slightly slimmer cut jean.

    All that said, if I had my druthers, I'd wear nothing but yoga pants all the time!

    And as for the minivan-- I swore I'd never own one either, but I find them more and more appealing now. I may start looking into a crossover style vehicle with more cargo room or something, but I don't yet know if I can go as far as getting a minivan! Maybe, maybe, maybe...

  10. You're expecting TWINS!?!?!? Sorry, for not keeping up or not remembering. Congratulations!

    I hope you figure out the clothing situation. Like you, I didn't want to spend a ton. I got clearance items on motherhood maternity and I went to Target and Gap maternity.

  11. I hated the jeans too. I bought a lot of maternity clothes off of ebay, which included some of the old style pants with the scoopy style panel, much better.